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Mechwarrior Online Launches On Steam With New ‘Faction Play’ Feature

So here’s a game we haven’t written about in a few years – Mechwarrior: Online. The game recently made it’s debut in Steam’s free-to-play section and to celebrate the developers have released a brand new trailer as well as the […]


Mechwarrior online is coming to steam.

We haven’t had a good Mechwarrior game in a very long while. The current form of the much beloved 90s game franchise where you take control of a giant mech and shoot at other mechs in the sci-fi universe of […]


MechWarrior Online Sets Sight On Open Beta

Piranha Games’ free to play take on the MechWarrior franchise entered open beta yesterday. Announced by publisher Infinite Game Publishing, anyone can register on the Mechwarrior Online site and begin downloading the client right away. Free mech based combat? Sign […]


MechWarrior Online Profile: The Jenner

A brand new Mech for the upcoming Free to Play title MechWarrior Online today. The Jenner JR7 mech is a lightweight , speedy,, jump-jet enabled mech that is armed with dual light missile launchers and a laser cannon. We’ve got […]


MechWarrior Online Community Day and Centurion Mech Announced

Mechwarrior Online Developers Piranha Games have been very busy this week. First, they released a video showcasing the upcoming free-to-play game’s latest Mech, the Centurion. This medium sized Mech is sort of like the T-34 of Mechs, boasting a good […]


Mechwarrior Online Launches Founder’s Packages

The MechWarrior franchise has heated up recently. From fans creating the Crysis modification Living Legends a few years ago to the upcoming Free to Play action title MechWarrior Online coming to windows PC later this summer it is a great […]


Mechwarrior Online Closed Beta Begins

The closed Beta for Mechwarrior Online, the upcoming free to play action MMO set in the Mechwarrior/Battletech Universe, begins this week. People interested in tromping about a beautiful landscape (courtesy of CryENGINE 3) in 100 ton bipedal war machines can […]


New Screens, Gameplay Video For MechWarrior Online

Piranha Games has released a new gameplay teaser for their upcoming multiuplayer PC title MechWarrior Online, as well as sending along some screen shots showcasing the Mech Lab feature. The Mech Lab is where you will manage and customize your […]