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MechWarrior Online Profile: The Jenner

A brand new Mech for the upcoming Free to Play title MechWarrior Online today. The Jenner JR7 mech is a lightweight , speedy,, jump-jet enabled mech that is armed with dual light missile launchers and a laser cannon. We’ve got an official description from the developers below, as well as a series of official stats and a explosive new trailer.

The Jenner JR7 is a Light, 35 ton ‘Mech with a max speed of 118 km/h. Quick, agile, and with an impressive weapons loadout of four medium lasers and a short range missile 4, the Jenner can make quick work of larger opponents. The jumpjets merely add to the flexibility of this ‘Mech.

While not outfitted with much in the way of armour, the Jenner lives by the motto ‘Speed is life.’ Holding still is a death sentence, thus Jenner pilots must become familiar with weaving through opponents, turning to fire at their exposed backs.

Tonnage: 35 tons
Speed: 118 km/h

Weapons and Equipment:
Qty      Type                          Location

1           *SRM-4                    Centre Torso

2           Medium Laser       Right Arm

2           Medium Laser       Left Arm

[youtube id=”w8dWwXwIcFo” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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