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Mass Effect Andromeda, Battlefront II Trial & Need For Speed Trial Coming To EA Access

Electronic Arts are set to expand the line-up of free games on both Origin Access (PC) and EA Access (Xbox One) according to official-looking descriptions posted by industry insider Wario64 on Twitter. These reports were seemingly confirmed by other outlets including GameSpot later […]


Dead Space 3’s Awakened DLC Is A Great Addition

It took approximately three and a half to four hours for Ghostwalker and I to clear the new Dead Space 3 DLC and we enjoyed the journey! That’s on par with the main campaign considering we got about an hours […]


New DLC Awakened Today For Dead Space 3

Reload your plasma cutters Visceral fans, it’s time to go back into space once again to take on another haunting mission. Today’s DLC is a story based continuation that adds a new fight against familiar foes to your Dead Space […]


Dead Space 3’s Awakened DLC Coming Soon

There’s a new DLC story add-on for Dead Space 3 arriving on the Xbox Live Marketplace, Playstation Store, and Origin on March 12th. Europe will see it on their Playstation store March 13th. This new download focuses on bringing the […]


Dead Space 3 | Review

Version tested: PC Dead Space is a great game series. Roaming the USG Ishimura in the first game, then exploring Titan Station in the sequel was an absolute survival horror treat. There is that magic about Dead Space, and it’s […]


Dead Space 3 Launch Trailer Released

“Take Down The Terror,” the launch trailer to Dead Space 3 has been released! Read on to check it out and get even more excited for the release in one week! I’m definitely eager for this one!


Mass Effect Invades Dead Space 3

One of the benefits of big companies is the potential for cross promotion within their owned franchises. Dead Space and Mass Effect have joined up to bring you a set of N7 Armor to Dead Space 3. So what’s the […]


Dead Space 3’s Terrifying $160 Dev Team Edition Detailed

Looking for forward to EA’s Dead Space 3? Well, the publisher has unveiled the $160, Dev Team Edition, for the most hardcore necromorph hunters out there.  For an entry price like that you’ll get the game on your platform of […]


Dead Space 3 Scares Up Release Date and Trailer

Gamescom brings a brand new trailer for the upcoming Dead Space 3 that looks to assuage fears that there won’t be any scares in the game with plenty of quick cuts to hulking monsters. This notes the first time that fears have […]