Dead Space 3’s Awakened DLC Coming Soon

Posted on March 7, 2013 by Les Major

There’s a new DLC story add-on for Dead Space 3 arriving on the Xbox Live Marketplace, Playstation Store, and Origin on March 12th. Europe will see it on their Playstation store March 13th. This new download focuses on bringing the horror back. We should warn you, there are main game spoilers ahead!

Awakened is an epilogue to the main story which somehow brings Isaac and John to the Terra Nova space ship in orbit over Tau Volantis. To anyone who has completed the game, this brings up many questions I’m sure. Personally to keep the horror I hope it’s completely unknown how they end up there. If you want to bring back the horror, having no idea what is going on is a good place to start.

The important part of this adventure will be hallucinations returning. Unitology cultists apparently have already taken over the Terra Nova, and you know if Issac is seeing stuff this time too, something is definitely up story wise. It should be interesting for co-op to see if Issac and John play differently.

If you played through in co-op, you know how your experience can differ from that of your parter. If you haven’t checked out some of those side missions, you definitely should! It was a very interesting addition to have John Carver freaking out while Issac was the strong protector. Having both of them freaking out this time should prove very interesting since technically marker radiation affects everyone differently.

So whatever is going on, I’ll be there to check it out. Sorry but I’m waiting until I play the DLC to even watch the trailer. You can tell by my review I’m a fan of Dead Space 3 and the series overall. If you’d like to see the trailer, it’s available below.


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