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Get Entire Gears Trilogy With Pre-order of Judgment At Wal * Mart

Gamer’s who pre-order Gears of War Judgment at Wal * Mart will be given vouchers for not only the original Gears of War but also the rest of the games in the trilogy – 2009’s Gears of War 2 and […]


Dead Space 3’s Terrifying $160 Dev Team Edition Detailed

Looking for forward to EA’s Dead Space 3? Well, the publisher has unveiled the $160, Dev Team Edition, for the most hardcore necromorph hunters out there.  For an entry price like that you’ll get the game on your platform of […]


Gears of War 3 Contest

We’ve decided to reboot our Gears of War 3 contest. In retrospect, starting such a contest in the first week of our existence was a bad call. Also, the requirements and the mountain of legalese were probably unhelpful. Here is […]


Win a Signed Copy of Gears of War 3

If there is one thing we at Broken Joysticks love besides video games, it’s creativity. Good films, timeless literature, mind boggling abstract paintings, and performance artists covering themselves with live fire ants rarely fails to stimulate our right brains. However, […]