May 23, 2016

Nintendo eShop Sales for May 19th, 2016

Posted on May 23, 2016 by Jason Nason

I’ve decided to split this off from the regular weekly Nintendo Download to give a little more of a deep dive into each newly added item to the eShop sales list. So what’s been on sale previously will have the same list you remember, but new entries will also have more detail at the top of the page.

Please note that all of the below prices are shown in USD. Prices are higher in the Canadian eShop.


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First Benchmark Results For Polaris Powered AMD R9 480 Appear Online

Posted on May 23, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

The first benchmarks have been posted for the upcoming Radeon R9 480 thanks to a chart that appeared thanks to data obtained from software benchmark maker Futuremark. These benchmarks  may have used unreleased or even older drivers so these results shouldn’t be taken as final representation of the yet unannounced performance, but they do give a good baseline.

According to three potentially different models of unreleased Polaris cards, each with the same clock speed but varying memory clocks. This could mean that these benchmarks were completed using the same cards with overclock enabled or separate SKUS that use the same clock speed. Videocardz postulates that the three cards represented 480, 480x and Crossfire configurations.


AMD Polaris 10 Benchmarks
Link Memory Core Clock Memory Clock Score
AMD Polaris 67DF:C4 — Radeon R9 480? 8GB 1266 MHz 1925 MHz 13160 8GB 1266 MHz 1925 MHz 16164
AMD Polaris 67DF:C7 — Radeon R9 480X? 8GB 1266 MHz 2000 MHz 15524 8GB 1266 MHz 2000 MHz 18060
AMD Polaris 67DF:C7 — Radeon R9 480X CROSSFIRE? 8GB 1266 MHz 2000 MHz 25803

Here are the basic specs for the supposed Radeon R9 480 as outlined in the original benchmarks:

  • Core clock speed of 1266mhz
  • Memory bandwidth between 1925 MHZ and 2000 MHZ
  • 8 GB of memory standard across the board.

As for the final 3DMark 11 scores, these three cards ranged from 13160 to 25803. Performance wise that would put the highest performing configuration from Futuremark (presumed to a 480 crossfire config) to be just two thousand points below NVidia’s flagship 1080. The second model referenced in these benchmarks (presumably the R9 480X) is just 200 points shy of the Radeon R9 FURY and lastly, what is presumed to be the 480 reference card sits just below the R9 390x.

Polaris is the successor to the Graphics Card Next platform that AMD has been using for a few years now. The first set of benchmarks for competitor NVidia’s Geforce 1080 hit the web a few days ago and will be available next month. No release date or even a formal announcement of the R9 480 has yet to be made by AMD.



Ace Attorney: from game to anime

Posted on May 23, 2016 by Jason Nason

Adapted from the popular video game franchise, Ace Attorney follows rookie lawyer Phoenix Wright and his assistant Maya as he defends his clients in a court of law. With limited evidence and logic as his only weapon, can Phoenix Wright turn the case around when all the odds are stacked against him?

I’ve just discovered the series and have only gotten started with it, but it is pretty fun so far. Much like the games, Ace Attorney doesn’t take itself too seriously and breaks up some of the serious tension of the subject matter with some humerous bits. And if you’ve enjoyed the games then you’ll feel right at home watching this one.

Haven’t you been playing a game and after watching a cutscene or reading extended segments of dialgue just wanted to keep passively watching the game. Well now you sorta can.

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Digimon Heroes! updated to include PVP

Posted on May 23, 2016 by Jason Nason

Bandai Namco announced a monstrous update to Digimon Heroes! that adds new player-vs-player (PvP) gameplay to the card battle game that features over 1,000 Digimon. Starting today, players can jump into weekly PvP arena events, where they can battle against all the best players to win special prizes, rewards, and arena points.

During each PvP arena event, players will compete in the Global, Daily and Friends Leaderboards to win prizes and increase their rankings. The top players can collect rewards in a variety of ways if they dare enter the PvP Arena. First, they’ll find a list of five opponents and be awarded a random gift for defeating them all. They can also win prizes for reaching arena point thresholds. Lastly, the top-ranked players on the leaderboard will get even more rewards at the end of each event.

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H1Z1 adds additional King of the Kill mode: Ignition

Posted on May 23, 2016 by Fionna Schweit

King of the Kill has been a site favorite for quite a while, Rae and I will often boot it up for an hour of two of relatively low-key fun. One of the most fun things we do is to find an ATV drive it around and look for some trouble. It seems that we are not the only people who enjoy that particular style of game play, as Daybreak has just announced that they will release a new mode essentially based around it.  Instead of parachuting in, you’re going to start on an ATV, with a bomb strapped to you.


The mode is called ignition, and its central premise is that Ignition starts each challenger off with their very own ATV and a pack of explosives strapped to their body. If that sounds a bit well, crazy, its cause it is. Just like in other modes, players have a limited time to find weapons and other survival items, then a horn goes off a safe zone is marked, and its a free for all. In the case of Ignition mode, if you don’t make it to the safe house, you blow up. Ignition adds the twist of having more than one safezone for players to go to. Anyone who fails to reach sanctuary before the countdown expires will trigger their devices, eliminating them from the match. Players that leave the safe zone before the detonation timer resets for the next wave will meet a similar fate.

The mode sounds pretty fun to me! I haven’t been playing much King of Kill recently, but this may just be enough to get me to pop back in and have a look at this fun twist on survival games.


Prepare for Overwatch

Posted on May 23, 2016 by Renee Gittins

4pm PST.

That’s the time that the servers go live and Overwatch officially changes the landscape of team based first person shooters.

If the ticking of the clock is driving you insane, I recommend burning time reading the official Overwatch comics and watching their animated shorts. If you missed the beta or are looking for some tips, we’ve complied a list that will help ensure you enter the world of Overwatch with guns blazing:

Counter Pick – One of the key features of Overwatch is the ability to change heroes in the middle of a match. This allows you to adapt to the enemy team and pick counters to anyone who is being particularly tricky to deal with. Pharah raining on your parade? Snap to Soldier 76 or McCree and clip her wings. Bastion going for seige-mode? Turn him into a pile of scrap with Tracer, Reaper or Genji.

Did you know he used to have a shield, too? Bastion has already caused many broken keyboards, so make sure you counter him when he tries to mow your team down!

Did you know he used to have a shield, too? Bastion has already caused many broken keyboards, so make sure you counter him when he tries to mow your team down!

“Objectivewatch” – Overwatch is an objective based team game. You can get all of the kills in the match and still lose the game, so try not to get too distracted chasing down kills. Blizzard worked in a lot of benefit for helping the objective and not just badges! If you’re guiding a payload, note that it heals you and will increase its speed for each person standing near it (maxing out at 3 players).

Love Support, Kill Support – Healers in Overwatch are your best friend… unless they are on the enemy team, then they should be one of your top targets. A good support can make the enemy team feel unkillable, so make sure they are taken out!


Mercy can heal her teammates or give them a massive damage boost!

Move as a Team – While matches have a limited time, it’s okay to wait and group up before charging back into the battle. While an assassin character might need to run off and cut down an annoying sniper on their own, for the most part, you will get the most benefit of staying together, as each hero compliments and fills in the gaps that others leave. Not to mention, running in one by one is a good way to spend the whole match dead!

Play as a Team – Work on picking a well-balanced team that compliments each other well. Note that your ideal team composition on offense will likely be different than your ideal composition on defense, so switch around to fill in the gaps. Also work on playing your role in the team. While it might be really fun to charge into the enemy team as Reinhardt and get some good swings in, don’t charge off while you’re providing valuable defense to your squishier teammates and let them get slaughtered when their shield unexpectedly runs off.


Just avoid Winston if he is out of peanut butter.

Shoot Traps – Lots of heroes leave nasty little presents on the ground (and walls) for the opposing team. While you might be able to walk around them, you or your teammate might not be so nimble on your next pass, so light them up! Plus, you get kill credits for nuking them!

Enable Your Killfeed – In the options under gameplay, you can enable the killfeed, which will allow you to see who is killing whom in real time during your match. This will give you additional insight into what is happening, so you know who is alive, who isn’t, and who is mowing down their opponents.

Overwatch killfeed, courtesy of Gosu Gamers.

Overwatch killfeed, courtesy of Gosu Gamers.

BE NICE – It’s a team game. If you are a jerk and toxic to your team, everyone will play worse. Mistakes happen and you’re in this together, so be nice!

Have Fun – It’s a game, enjoy it! Play at six Solider 76s and yell out “Call of Duty!!” every time you attack, see what happens when you put five Mercy’s on a McCree, go bananas with an all Winston team. Don’t be afraid to mess around here and there to see what strange team combinations can do!

After all, how seriously can you take this abomination?

After all, how seriously can you take this abomination?


Welcome To BrokenJoysticks 3.0

Posted on May 23, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

I’d like to welcome all of our readers, editors, past writers and future visitors to the third major version of Broken Joysticks! It’s hard for me to imagine that this site has been going strong for over four years now – It seems like only a little while ago that our founding staff (myself included) were brain storming ideas for the name of the site when it hit me, as I stared at a broken PlayStation 2 controller on my coffee table.

Over the past four years we’ve delivered over 3,200 pieces of written content to the site, attended 2 major conventions, launched our YouTube channel and a Sunday night twitch talk show. None of this could have been possible without our dedicated readers and excellent editorial staff who continue to deliver some of the most insightful and diverse written content I’ve seen in my 11 years writing about interactive entertainment.

So this new design might not look all that different from our old one. It takes the simple visual design principles from Broken Joysticks 2.0 and gives everything a fresh coat of paint. Alongside this significant visual upgrade the new design integrates our twitter feed right into the sidebar, provides visitors to our front page with visually pleasing transitions between slider items and brings our back-end up to date.

GDC Crowd

Our reviews policy will also be changing going forward – alongside the + / – aspects system we introduced in last year’s design update we will also be re introducing scoring to our reviews. When we conceptualized last year’s update it was at a time when major sites, much larger than ours, were moving away from numbered scores and we felt that this was a good move. In hindsight not having a 20 point scale with multiple sub-categories does make reading reviews easier to digest but the they still lacked a certain visual punch. We’re still working out the details but rest assured that some form of scoring metric will return, along with a visual cue that will help inform readers about the quality of the games we review.


Also if you’ve ever wanted to contribute to the site, we’d love to hear from you. Send a short introduction email to and someone from our management team will get back to you as soon as we can. There is always room for breaking news, thought provoking editorials and unique takes on your favorite games. With E3 fast approaching, there is no other time to show your burning passion for interactive mediums.

So please mind the dust as we continue to fix the odd bug here or there. With three weeks until E3 things are looking up!

Great work to our web designer, Kirk for doing such a fantastic job.

Here’s to another year of excellent coverage,

Rae Michelle Richards
Co-Founder, BrokenJoysticks



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