Overwatch Abominations – A New Glitch has Disturbing Results

Posted on April 18, 2016 by Renee Gittins

One of the joys of playing games still in development is the discovery of bugs and other glitches that have amusing results. Sometimes these even make it out of the betas and into the released games themselves, like the flying horse of Skyrim. This latest glitch is one that I hope to see continue to live on.

During the Overwatch stress test this last weekend, one of the members of my guild discovered a glitch in Overwatch that allowed you to force a texture on another character’s model. Some of the results are quite humorous while others border terrifying.

My personal favorite is Soldier 76 gracefully poised in Tracer’s new “Over the Shoulder” pose.


Isn’t he so spunky?

Of course, it’s the horrifying Mei-Winston combination that has won over hearts. Just check out that tongue!


Durkk, my raid leader and guildmate of 9 years, explained how to reproduce the glitch:

Play a match where hero selection is random on spawn.

The hero you chose controls the stance in the end. The hero chosen FOR you on spawn will mutate, if necessary, to fit the stance. This will only happen if you do not die during the match.

Enjoy the absurdity.

Enjoy the absurdity indeed! Here’s are some more images to enjoy!


From u/Graeso


From u/Chihiro_23


From u/CraftZ49

From u/CraftZ49

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