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H1Z1 Receives Major Update That Includes New Map and Daily Challenges

Daybreak Studios’ long running battle royal title H1Z1 (formally H1Z1: Just Survive) received a major update late last week that adds a brand-new combat focused map called Combat Zone, new daily challenges and a whole lot of miscellaneous bug fixes / quality of life improvements that may help players climb the […]


H1Z1 adds additional King of the Kill mode: Ignition

King of the Kill has been a site favorite for quite a while, Rae and I will often boot it up for an hour of two of relatively low-key fun. One of the most fun things we do is to […]


H1Z1 King of the kill the first hours:

So I have heard a crap ton about this game, seen in on Youtube and seen it on stream. Honestly I thought it wasn’t for me. So when our Editor in Chief @kitsune86 said “hey you wanna explore some H1Z1?” […]


The H1Z1 Split Is Official, H1Z1: King of the Hill & H1Z1: Just Survive Now Available On Steam

Daybreak Games has officially announced that the split of successful zombie survival game H1Z1 has been implemented on Steam. There are now two games in the store if you search H1Z1 – “ H1Z1 Just Survive” is the game’s popular […]


H1Z1 is being split in to two paid games

Later this month H1Z1 will be split into two separate games—the open-world survival mode being one, and the competitive Battle Royale mode being the other—and each will be sold separately. Truthfully the meteoric rise of this game leaves the studio Daybreak Games with little […]