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The DSi Is Coming In Two New Colors

Personally, I’m not sure why this is necessary, but the DSi is receiving two new colors: matte red and matte blue. A tweet from Nintendo of America states that these new colored handhelds could be in the stores “as early as this week.” Take my advice and opt to buy a 3DS instead. Check out the […]


The Book of Unwritten Tales: Review

In the humble year of 2009 a little known German company, King Art, went forth on the great task of breathing fresh air into what has otherwise been a stale and stagnated genre of fantasy adventure. The journey was long, dark, and difficult. Undergoing deep research on  the tropes that brought stagnation into the genre […]

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Ep. 1&2 Free For PS Plus August 7

Summer is quickly coming to a close, so why not make the most out of it with some free games? If you loved watching and/or reading The Walking Dead, it’ll be worth your time to try the prequel to the TV series out. Starting August 7, PlayStation Plus members will be able to play episodes […]


Shogun 2 – Saints and Heroes Elite Unit Pack Now Available

SEGA’s Japanese themed real time strategy title, Total War: Shogun 2, just got a booster shot with the release of nine brand new units. These aren’t any regular units either, they are legendary heroes of battle who have been hardened by countless battles and reveled in the defeats of many of their enemies. These new […]


Con Bravo: Gaming Tournament & Free Play Impressions

During the last weekend we at Broken Joysticks got the opportunity to visit Con bravo down in the Hamilton Ontario area as our readership is already aware – and let me give a shout out saying it was one of the best con experiences that we have ever covered. Meeting the Special Guests, the con […]


Indie Gala Seven Begins

Indie Gala has just launched its seventh “pay what you want” game bundle. If you purchase a copy of this bundle, you can choose how to split up your money between the developers, two charities, and Indie Gala. The charities you may donate to in this bundle are the Italian Red Cross (to help in […]


Hard Reset Extended Review

What sort of insanity would lead to and continue to allow buildings to have huge explosive packs above every door in the world?

NASCAR The Game Inside Line - July - (08) - Copy_800x450

NASCAR The Game: Inside Line Screenshots

Several screenshots have been released for Nascar The Game. These screens give you the inside track on all of the highly detailed racing action the game is set to offer. Nascare The Game: Inside Line is set for release on PS3, Xbox 360 on November 6th 2012. [nggallery id=9]


Fall of Cybertron Optimus G1 Pack Trailer

If you’ve been a fan of Transformers since its inception, in the 1980s, then you might be interested  in the latest pre-order bonus for Fall of Cybertron. By pre-ordering the game at Gamestop/EB Games in either Canada or the United States you’ll gain access to the G1 Retro Pack. The Pack includes a classic generation […]


Dust 514 Final Code Giveaway

We are back with one more Dust 514 Beta Key, just like the last time it’s first come, first played. You’ll have to enter this code on a North America PlayStation Network account to gain access to this weekend’s closed Beta for CCP’s upcoming free to play shooter. Please Note: The below PSN code will […]


Blockbuster Cast Announced For 007 Legends

Activations next James Bond title, 007 Legends, looks to  be bringing its A game with the announcement of a celebrity roster of contributors. Naturally you’ve got Daniel Craig reprising his role as 007, James Bond. Joining him are Michael Lonsdale as Hugo Drax and Richard Kiel as the steel teethed Jaws. To top the whole […]


Resonance Review

I’m indifferent, actually, towards point-and-click adventure games and visual novels. But, if it has a great story, likable characters, and lots of humor, I’ll at least try it. That being said, Resonance has to be one of the best point-and-click games I’ve ever played. It ranks up there with the Ace Attorney series (my favorite […]


Dust 514 Beta Weekend Code Giveaway #1

Have you wanted to join in the fun in CCP’s cross platform/cross-game MMOFPS Dust 514? We’ve got two Beta keys to give away and the first of which is at the bottom of this article! Please Note: The below PSN code will only give you access to this weekend’s DUST 514 beta, and is subject […]

A confusing mix of technologies in this sci-fi setting.

Escape the Boyle Mansion In New Interactive Dishonored Trailer

Bethesda has released a brand new 2 interactive minute trailer for upcoming first person assassination game, Dishonored. In this interactive trailer you can choose between three different escapes, “Long Jump”, “Sleep Tight” or “Chain Possession”. If you’ve wanted to see someone take down multiple guards in slowmotion with a crossbow and then hide out, this […]

VF5 Logo

Virtua Fighter V: Final Showdown Tutorial Videos

Virtua Fighter V: Final Showdown is a certainly an impressive game, given it’s $15 price point. We loved it  so much when we reviewed it last month, we gave it an 8.0 calling it “a great fighter with a lot of depth and complexity, but is still simple enough in its execution that a novice […]

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