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The Last of Us’ Left Behind Gets Stand Alone Release

Left Behind the critically acclaimed prequel DLC for Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us will be released as a stand-alone title on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 on May 12th for $9.99 (USD).  This add-on chapter to Naughty Dog’s last […]


My Favourite Games of 2013: The Last of Us

With the year coming to an end and game of the year awards being bestowed upon some of the biggest games of the year on other outlets, I’d like to take a few moments to share some of the best […]


Ellen Page Unhappy About The Last of Us’ Ellie Resembling Her

Ellen Page, the actress probably best known for roles as Kitty Pride/Shadow Cat in the X-Men franchise and the titular character in Juno is unhappy about her likeness possibly being used for Ellie from Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us. […]


The Last of Us | Review

Warning: minor story spoilers ahead. Describing The Last of Us as a post apocalyptic, stealth-action hybrid that takes place 20 years after hordes of infected have ravaged the world, essentially causing the apocalypse, would be doing it a disservice. While on […]


Naughty Dog Delays The Last of Us Until June 14th

The wait for Naughty Dog’s Ps3 exclusive post-apocalyptic action game The Last of Us is about to get a little longer with the announcement that the game is now due out on June 14th 2013. Neil Druckmann, Creative Director at Naughty […]


Last of Us Release Date & New Trailer

The Last of Us wowed everyone with its surprise reveal at the 2011 Spike Videogame Awards. Since that reveal Naughty Dog was been awfully quiet about their plans for the title, outside of a brief 10 minute demo first shown […]


Who Is The Villain of The Last of Us?

The end of the world has a notorious habit of showing us who we truly are. Thankfully, none of us have had to experience the end of the world, and since the whole Mayan thing is nonsense we shouldn’t have […]


The Last Of Us Demoed @ E3

Sony wrapped up it’s E3 press conference this evening by showing off the first in-game demo of Naughty Dog’s upcoming title The Last of Us. The demo featured the two main characters going through a high-budget destroyed hotel that was […]