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Grand Theft Auto V – Just Wow!

Naturally, if you’re eager to just dive in and play the game, skip this and pick up a copy. Not many spoilers follow but there is some early game info here. I figured GTA V would impress me. That I’d […]


GTA V – Physics or Scripted Event?

The Grand Theft Auto V gameplay video released today is packed with tons of little things to explore and consider about what possibly could be in the game. One of the scenes stood out to me the most was this […]


Grab Some Popcorn, It’s Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay Time!

Rockstar Games released a gameplay video for Grand Theft Auto V today which as usual is filled with hints at unmentioned content, lots of features being explained and displayed, plus a look at just how beautiful that new game world […]


Bioshock: Infinite Reveals A “False Shepard”

This last month has been nothing short of amazing for the gamers out there. This trend is looking to continue until at least April with Star Trek and Dead Island: Riptide launching. But, the one gem that you’re definitely need to […]


Bankrupt THQ has been Disolved and Sold

Today, THQ was officially sold and auctioned off. The company’s assets have been divided and sold off, though the deal is pending approval. Here is a breakdown of who purchased what: • Sega agreed to purchase Relic • Koch Media […]


GTA V Trailer 2 Analysis Video

Let’s talk a bit about a little video game franchise you guys may have heard about. For those that might not know, my love for all things Grand Theft Auto runs quite deep.  I helped to start GTA Hood, the […]