GTA V Trailer 2 Analysis Video

Posted on December 11, 2012 by Jesse Lord

Let’s talk a bit about a little video game franchise you guys may have heard about.

For those that might not know, my love for all things Grand Theft Auto runs quite deep.  I helped to start GTA Hood, the IGN Grand Theft Auto portal site, and worked there from the beginning until IGN decided to shut all portal sites down earlier this year.  I’ve had the chance to visit Rockstar Games on three different occasions as a result of working with the site, to preview their upcoming games (EfLC expansion/Red Dead Redemption, L. A. Noire and Max Payne 3), and at these fansite events I had a chance to meet and interface with other major players in the Rockstar/GTA fansite world.  When IGN did decide to close the doors of GTA Hood, I knew I wanted to reach out to one of the other fansite owners and see if I could join their ranks.  Long story short, I ended up landing at GTANet, home to GTA game-specific sites and also the owner of GTAForums, the largest GTA forum on the interwebs.

So why am I telling you this?  Why should you care?

Well, as one of the first things I did as an editor for, I pulled together an analysis video for the second trailer for GTA V.  Since they originally released the trailer a number of weeks ago, Rockstar is likely once again in a heads-down state, working on the game.  I don’t expect a deluge of new news any time soon, so I figured I’d share my video here at Broken Joysticks as well because, well, I love you.  So here’s the video:

[youtube id=”rsrhBnOmJeU” width=”600″ height=”338″]

There you have it.  I’m obsessed.  There will likely be more videos to come as time goes on.  And maybe I can take my trailer-analysis creation skills and use them on even more trailers as time goes on.  We here at Broken Joysticks are committed to providing you stellar original content that keeps you coming back, and what’s better than original content in the form of video?  It is our goal to have this be the tip of the iceberg.  So more to come, and thanks for watching as well as reading our site.  We appreciate your support.

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