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Star Citizen Switches To Amazon Lumberyard Engine

Star Citizen the ambitious crowd sourced multi-genre spaceship simulator under development at Cloud Imperium Games has made the switch from Crytek’s CryEngine to the Amazon.com developed Lumberyard  engine. Lumberyard is a freely distributed fork of CryEngine that provides developers with the graphical capabilities […]


Star Citizen’s Single Player Campaign Won’t Be Released This Year

Today at CitizenCon Cloud Imperium Games announced that Star Citizen’s single player campaign ‘Squadron 42’ has been delayed outside of this year. Squadron 42 is the single player component of the ambitious space title which is currently under development at Foundry 42’s […]


Star Citizen 2.2 Update Detailed and Deployed

Roberts Space Industries has pushed Star Citizen 2.2 to the live servers for all backers to enjoy. This latest game update brings back two ships – The Sabre & the Khartu-Al Scout for purchase, changes to how collision meshes are […]


Check Out This Stunning 4K Star Citizen Short Film

Star Citizen is one of those games that I’ve kind of been keeping an eye on for some time. Despite not actually owning it, I’ll still find myself going to YouTube and watching footage from the latest PTU patches and […]


Star Citizen 2.0 Procedurally Generated Planet Landing Video Swoops In

It seems that not a week goes by without a a brand new video for Star Citizen. The latest short video that has our attention is a three minute segment that showcases the upcoming ability  seamlessly fly from the outer orbit […]


Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 is Live

Highly anticipated space sim reaches major development milestone; early playable version combines space combat, FPS and multi-crew ships LOS ANGELES, December 11, 2015 —  Cloud Imperium Games™ (CIG), the company behind the hugely popular  Star Citizen™ space simulation game, announced today […]


Star Citizen 2.0 Alpha User Interface Video Blasts-Off

A video has surfaced from the R/PCGaming sub-reddit that gives us a really in-depth look at the UI for one of the ships in the upcoming Star Citizen. I am really impressed by the level of interactivity that is available […]


3 new flight modes to be added in Star Citizen 2.0 Release

Star Citizen has been pretty controversial recently. Robertson Space Industries, the developer, has been accused of not delivering of having major staff issues, many backers requested updates on time tables and finances, and it even seemed some former employees corroborated these […]


Star Citizen Exits Closed Alpha

Cloud Imperium Games announced today that their much hyped space game Star-Citizen has essentially exited its closed alpha access. The news comes in Chris Roberts’ most recent Letter From the Chairman update, in which he also announced that Star Citizen has surpassed […]