Star Citizen 2.2 Update Detailed and Deployed

Star Citizen

Roberts Space Industries has pushed Star Citizen 2.2 to the live servers for all backers to enjoy. This latest game update brings back two ships – The Sabre & the Khartu-Al Scout for purchase, changes to how collision meshes are used with character models and an assortment of bug fixes.

Reputation / Hostility System Changes

Alpha patch 2.2 introduces the concept of “Monitored Space” into the game. Crusader Industries Inc is monitoring areas around Cry-Asro, Port Olisar and other Comm Arrays. Players who wish to disrupt these policed zones can destroy the Comm Arrays but it will result in your character being flagged as a criminal in monitored space!

Two Previous Pledge Ships Return


Both the Sabre and Khartu-Al Scout return for pledgers who don’t mind spending between $150 USD – $170 USD. According to the devs both of these ships offer players “a new way to experience” the universe and don’t amount to a strong statistics boost. Both ships will only be available until Monday the 7th.

Character Collison Meshes

Developers at Roberts Space Industries explain how the collision meshes in Star Citizen 2.2 differ greatly with the majority of games:

“In Star Citizen, the collision mesh is detailed to take a similar shape as the actual character model which allows us to utilize our rag-doll technology to affect individual limbs on collision with another object. If your character has a hand outstretched, the hand will encounter the wall and react realistically. Physical EVA also allows for the character model animations to be more responsive to what is taking place and the environment around you.”


More detailed information on Star Citizen 2.2 is available on the Com Link official transmission (aka the patch notes).

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