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Star Citizen Switches To Amazon Lumberyard Engine

Star Citizen the ambitious crowd sourced multi-genre spaceship simulator under development at Cloud Imperium Games has made the switch from Crytek’s CryEngine to the Amazon.com developed Lumberyard  engine. Lumberyard is a freely distributed fork of CryEngine that provides developers with the graphical capabilities […]


Star Citizen’s Single Player Campaign Won’t Be Released This Year

Today at CitizenCon Cloud Imperium Games announced that Star Citizen’s single player campaign ‘Squadron 42’ has been delayed outside of this year. Squadron 42 is the single player component of the ambitious space title which is currently under development at Foundry 42’s […]


Star Citizen 2.0 Procedurally Generated Planet Landing Video Swoops In

It seems that not a week goes by without a a brand new video for Star Citizen. The latest short video that has our attention is a three minute segment that showcases the upcoming ability  seamlessly fly from the outer orbit […]