Rail Gun aims to bring “most immersive ever” controller to market

Posted on December 27, 2015 by Fionna Schweit

It seems like most of the time, gun shaped controllers for FPS games are pretty much flops right out of the gate. Peripherals have to work with multiple games, multiple types of hardware, and across regions. Yet for the new wave of VR to truly feel immersive, you need to have a variety of controllers that can adapt to almost any situation, and first person shooters are first in line. Rail gun is aiming to do just that.

Consisting of five different components, Rail gun attaches to the rails that come standard on all airsoft guns. Since it attaches to an Airsoft gun the user can feel the real recoil and gunfire noises while playing their favorite FPS game. Rail gun is compatible with almost FPS games for PC, Xbox, Playstation and even Virtual reality devices. This is truly the new frontier of VR peripherals. To really feel like you are in a war, you have to not only have the sounds, the lights, and the images, but also the feel of a gun in your hand.


Rail gun aims to do just that. It is equipped with UzBrainnet’s patented Fast Rotation (FR) Technology. Using this FR technology, the player can turn 180o or 360ointuitively by simply turning right or left. Unlike other gun controllers on the market, no awkward motions are necessary to turn around such as flipping the gun on its side or pressing a button. FR technology tracks the users aim based on the pointing direction of the gun and can track the user even when Rail gun is pointed outside of the screen. Control precision is extremely important to gamers and Rail gun has an embedded algorithm, which minimizes hand trembling, which aims to increase aim precision. Control sensitivity can also be adjusted manually to account for gamer preference and the varying control sensitivity levels of each game. The controller will also feature all of the standard controller buttons, and a directional pad. Also, button configuration is completely customizable allowing the gamer to choose a configuration that is intuitive to them. Aiming for an incredibly simple plug and play set-up, the user would only need to plug in the included USB unit to connect wirelessly to Rail gun. Battery life is perdicted to be 9 hours.

here is a link to the Kickstarter Campaign that aims to bring the product to life: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/railguncontroller/rail-gun

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