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Riot Games acquires Radiant Entertainment

Riot games (maker of League of Legends) is not a company you often see in the news. They tend to spend most of their time on League, because its one of the most popular games in the world. So I […]


Tencent Purchases Remaining Stake In League of Legends Developer Riot Games

TenCent the Chinese technological behemoth that operates the popular Chinese FPS Cross Fire and holds a minority stake in Epic Games among other entertainment ventures has purchased the remaining equity in League of Legends developer Riot Games. This change in […]


Was There A League of Legends Card Game In The Works?

Over the weekend a twitter account belonging to Riot Game’ president and co-founder Mark Merrill appears to have been compromised. A hacker using the handle ‘Jason’ took control of Mr.Merrill’s account on Saturday and posted several images and details for […]


League of Legends On Watch After Heroes of Newerth Hack

Fans of the MOBA genre and the creators of their favorite games are on watch after Heroes of Newerth was hacked this afternoon. Originally appearing on Reddit, a user by the name of Ryan_HTP posted about the hack with a […]


Make Money From League of Legends, Officially

Today Riot Games released a brief guide (in plain English, not legalese) officially informing the League of Legends community that they fully allow not only the production and uploading of League of Legends content on video sites such as YouTube […]


LOL: Invitational For The Pros, Bonus For The Players

Riot Games has announced that on Friday, June 1st, they will be hosting the first ever Riot World Invitational in Las Vegas, broadcast live on their website beginning at 12pm Pacific time. The Invitational will feature a set of matches […]


Riot Games Raising Cash for Kids

From now until May 18th, League of Legends makers Riot Games is donating the entirety of the purchase price of the champion Jax and his Jaximus skin to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, as well as marking both of those items at a […]