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League of Legends On Watch After Heroes of Newerth Hack

Posted on December 19, 2012 by Rae Michelle Richards

Fans of the MOBA genre and the creators of their favorite games are on watch after Heroes of Newerth was hacked this afternoon. Originally appearing on Reddit, a user by the name of Ryan_HTP posted about the hack with a twitter link as supposed truth. Apparently he made off with the usernames and passwords for the games accounts.

According to Ryan he’s also planning to attack competing game, League of Legends, a later time just to enrage its fan base. Surely this will put Riot Games on watch for potential security breaches but can one person bring down an entire development studio? As Kotaku postulate’s a remote possibility.

As he wrote on Reddit:

“I hacked HoN because there’s nothing as hilarious as seeing a bunch of fanboys of a game get enraged over the fact that their favourite game has been hacked”

Do you enjoy the MOBA Genre? Will you be changing your passwords in light of these recent events?

Source: Reddit via Kotaku


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