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Riot Games acquires Radiant Entertainment

Posted on March 9, 2016 by Fionna Schweit

Riot games (maker of League of Legends) is not a company you often see in the news. They tend to spend most of their time on League, because its one of the most popular games in the world. So I was surprised to see the news that they had acquired Radiant Entertainment. In a statement Radiant said “We are delighted to announce that Radiant Entertainment has been acquired by Riot Games. At Riot, our developers will continue their mission of building incredible games that speak to us personally as players. You’re probably wondering what this means for our games.”

As for those games, it seems that development of Stonehearth, a Minecraft like block building survival game, will continue, however Rising Thunder is not so lucky. “As for Rising Thunder, the team will start work on a new game that we’re incredibly excited about. We wish we could say more now, but rest assured you’ll hear more when the time is right. For now, we will be permanently closing Rising Thunder on March 18th. Thanks to everyone who participated in the Alpha! ” I was not privileged as to get in to the Betas for Rising Thunder, but I did hear just a little bit about it through the main games media, and I can say im not too surprised Riot put a lid on it for good.

Rising Thunder no more

Rising Thunder has been canned

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