Was There A League of Legends Card Game In The Works?

League Of Legends Logo 2015

Over the weekend a twitter account belonging to Riot Game’ president and co-founder Mark Merrill appears to have been compromised. A hacker using the handle ‘Jason’ took control of Mr.Merrill’s account on Saturday and posted several images and details for a cancelled &unannounced League of Legends trading card game called ‘League of Legends Supremacy’.

Supposedly the game had been completed by the folks over at Riot Games but for unknown reasons they decided to scrap the project before announcing it. Jason had threatened to release a 200MB zip file containing several images from the project but stopped short of doing so. Instead he provided twitter users with copies of the in-game text from the project, several templates and a single image of a supposed login screen.

It is unknown if Jason actually possessed a working version of League of Legends: Supremacy or if he was simply in possession of leaked screenshots. After the Merrill regained control of his account he tweeted that Riot Games works on ‘a variety of ideas… that may never see the light of day.”

Source: Kotaku

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