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Capcom Releases Part 1 of Resident Evil 7 Development Documentary

Get an inside look at the thought processes, early concepts and internal deliberations that took place in early 204 when Capcom Osaka decided to revitalize their long stagnant undead franchise. Featuring narration from Executive Producer Tsuyoshi Kanda and Director Masachika Kawata, this […]


Resident Evil 7 Lost Tapes DLC Now Available On Steam & Xbox One

Capcom has released the latest the two Banned Footage DLC packs for Resident Evil 7 on both Xbox One and Windows via Steam the publisher has announced. All of this DLC was previously released on PlayStation 4 first. Both packs are […]


Resident Evil 7 PC Demo Released

Capcom’s viral success for Resident Evil 7 is now no longer contained to the PlayStation 4 as the publisher releases the completed Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour for PC via Steam. This demo lets you experience everything that PlayStation owners had […]


Resident Evil 7 VR Mode Supposedly PlayStation Exclusive For An Entire Year

According to a popular post on the Resident Evil sub reddit the next entry in the franchise might be locked to PlayStation VR for a period of one year. Poster Xx-MCXCVI-xX says that they encountered an advert for Capcom’s upcoming first […]


Resident Evil 7’s Demo Update Poses More Questions Than It Answers

Capcom’s Resident Evil 7 got an updated demo that is available for everyone – not just PlayStation Plus subscribers like the surprise reveal E3 2016 demo. Despite being hotly anticipated Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour Twilight Version leaves players with more questions than answers. Potentially […]


Capcom Not Ready To Reveal Where Resident Evil 7 Fits In Series Canon

In a rather exhaustive interview MCVUK discussed Capcom’s surprising showing both at the Sony / Microsoft press conferences and on the show floor during E3. Members of Capcom Europe disclosed that while capcom is aware of the poor reputation that 2012’s […]


Resident Evil 7 Demo Smashes Previous PSN Record For Most Downloads

Capcom’s surprise reveal of Resident Evil 7 has paid off as the developer / publisher has announced the playable trial for the upcoming first person survival horror, titled Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour was downloaded by over 2 million PlayStation […]


Capcom announces Resident Evil 7

It’s going to get seriously creep in July. Capcom showed off a teaser trailer for Resident Evil 7 biohazard at the Sony Interactive Entertainment E3 press conference last night. And it looks slick. Resident Evil 7 looks to be going […]