Ubisoft Confirms Watch Dogs is Next Gen, New Demo Shown

Since it was first reveled people have been excited for Watch Dogs. From the demo shown today at the 2013 PlayStation event it’s easy to see why. Through an extraordinary demo we see yet another dystopian look at how technology has changed. After some fly by shots of a beautiful open world, we see our protagonist who can interact with virtually everyone via his smart phone. Hack into the bank accounts of passers by and then use an ATM to withdraw their funds. After witnessing a case of domestic violence, our hero attempts to apprehend the perpetrator. This starts an epic chase scene that leads to him hearing a 911 call in real time, which in turn leads to a thrilling chase with police. This entire time you see the player hacking into technology. On the fly he is able to hack and stop a nearby monorail; he leaps onto the roof and allows it to speed away. If Watch Dogs truly can allow this level of interactivity that alters the course of game play I just can’t see a negative. Here’s hoping we will have more information on Watch Dogs soon.

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