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Overwatch Abominations – A New Glitch has Disturbing Results

One of the joys of playing games still in development is the discovery of bugs and other glitches that have amusing results. Sometimes these even make it out of the betas and into the released games themselves, like the flying […]


Overwatch to have a “semi-open” beta weekend

So if you like me are still not in the Overwatch beta, and you haven’t given up on the game you might get your first chance at playing this weekend. Blizzard will expand the amount of players in the beta […]


A New Beta Wave For Overwatch For Players In Asia

If you’ve been avidly awaiting an invite to the closed Overwatch beta on PC and are based in Asia then prepare to spam your F5 keys rapidly.  Blizzard took to twitter yesterday to let potential players know that they have […]


New Details emerge from Overwatch Beta

Some new details have emerged about the Overwatch Beta that will be back up later today. Overview: -For the new progression system, you have an infinite global level-up system that works like Paragon Levels in Diablo 3. Playing any hero […]


Overwatch beta is not quite ready to return

[BETA] There isn't an exact time the Overwatch Closed Beta will relaunch today, but we'll post an update once it's live—so stay tuned! — Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) February 9, 2016 Blizzard have announced that they are not quite ready to bring […]


Overwatch Beta Returns To Active Duty On Feb 9th

Blizzard’s upcoming objective based team shooter Overwatch will return to closed beta on February 9th according to a post on the developer’s official blog. The Overwatch beta began late last October and continued until right before Christmas, the devs took […]


Overwatch won’t return until February

If you caught the Overwatch bug and have been hoping to get your overwatch fix on in the new year, you’ll have to wait a little longer. The world heaved a collective sigh when Overwatch  took a break in December, but Blizzard […]


The Overwatch beta is coming to an end

Overwatch is game that everyone wants to play, but very few have access to. It seems Blizzard has decided that even those few are too many to play its FPS-MOBA hybrid, and they will be shutting off their (currently up) […]


The Overwatch Stress Test Changed My Opinion Of The Game

I’ve known about Blizzard’s colorful and vibrant first person shooter, Overwatch, for a while now. I remember everyone getting totally amped up about the game last November when the game was unveiled but I wasn’t as taken in my the […]