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UnEpic Released Today On Wii U eShop

Released today on the Wii U eShop, this game is an indie gem worth checking out. The latest I’ve been enjoying is UnEpic, a quest that features a tabletop gaming fan being transported into a far away dark castle. RPG […]


July 4th Nintendo Download

Lots and lots for the Nintendo 3DS this week. Pilotwings arrives on the Wii U Virtual Console while Sonic Drift 2 hits the Virtual Console for the 3DS. Elsewhere four games are reduced and put on sale, including both Mighty […]


March 14th Nintendo Download

Quite a few things released today, including full game downloads for the Wii U and 3DS, plus some virtual console titles and even two DSiWare games! Right off the bat we’re just a few days away from the release of […]


March 7th Nintendo Download

Quite a few things released today, most of which is heavily centred on the 3DS, including three new eShop titles in Kersploosh!, ATV Wild Ride 3D and Nano Assault EX. Plus several full game downloads were released including Resident Evil: […]


February 21st Nintendo Download

Quite a few demos released today with the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate demos for Wii U AND 3DS, as well as Trine 2. Plus F-Zero and Yoshi are released on the virtual console and a handful of original 3DS eShop […]


February 14th Nintendo Download

Almost an overlooked release day as Nintendo shed a lot of light, and showed a lot of footage, on new games and updated information this morning via Nintendo Direct. But today is Thursday which means new gaming goodies from the […]


January 31st Nintendo Download

Lots of goodness this week with all four Nintendo pillars getting something. The Cave, which was released last week, will be let loose as a demo this week. Three 3DS games are released as full game downloads an there are […]


Ah! Heaven Coming to DSiWare [UPDATED]

Another DSiWare title is set to arrive on North American shores within the next few weeks as the latest venture from Circle Entertainment has popped up on Nintendo.com. The game is a tower style climbing platformer and will arrive on […]


January 24th Nintendo Download

The Cave finally lands on the Wii U this week as the highly anticipated game is released. Plus the Wii U Virtual Console Trial Campaign, just announced yesterday, also makes its debut with Balloon Fight. A few more Wii U […]


Witch & Hero Coming to eShop from Circle

Circle Entertainment is continuing their support of Nintendo’s handhelds with another new title. Witch & Hero is an 8-bit style action game. You play as a hero who is accompanied by a witch taking on the evil Medusa, whom has […]


January 17th Nintendo Download

No love for DSiWare this week as the week’s releases are confined to the Wii U and 3DS. Nintendo released the highly anticipated Fire Emblem Awakening demo today as well as Kirby’s Star Stacker for the 3DS Virtual Console and […]


18th Gate | Review

What’s the first thing you do when you buy any new game? You look at the instruction manual from cover to cover before even turning on the game? Weird! Me too! Okay, not really. The reality is that most of […]