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Fear Effect Sedna | Nintendo Switch Review

There is a saying that goes “jack of all trades, master of none”. This was what came to mind while I was playing Square Enix’s newly licensed game Fear Effect Sedna. While this in no way means Fear Effect Sedna […]


Developers of the XCOM ‘Long War’ mod form a new studio

Today the developers of the popular XCOM mod Long War have announced their forming of a new game development studio, Long War Studios. Their first title to be released under this new endeavor goes by the name Terra Invicta. As detailed […]


How the Hard West was Won

By Special Guest editor: Robyn Robo Hard West by PlayWay, was released November 18th, it was successfully Kickstarted back in September by over 4,000 people. Hard West is a new release in a small field of turn-based squad tactics games. This […]


Learn The Fundamentals In This Carrier Command: Gaea Mission Trailer

Strategy games have been pretty much hit or miss when it comes to the console market. Bohemia Interactive is looking to hit the mark when they release Carrier Command: Gaea Mission this year. Here is a trailer showing you the […]