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Division Patch 1.2 Met With Mixed Reaction After Flurry of Glitches

Ubisoft and developer Massive rolled out The Division‘s latest major patch – Version 1.2 – a few days ago and with users finally settling in and logging on, it seems that there are more than a few problems with this latest […]


User gets connected to two separate League of Legends games at once

Reddit user /u/popingheads has posted a video to the League of Legends subreddit showing his champion getting placed in to two separate matches at the same time. Its as odd as you might think. Both of the matches seem to feature the […]


Kenny’s Fallout 4 Log – Day 7

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb November 18th, 2015 So, here we are: I’ve had this game for a full week and even the acquisition of NHL 16 hasn’t slowed progress any… that’s saying a lot because […]


Kenny’s Fallout 4 Log – Day 3

How Seth Got His Groove Back November 13th on PlayStation 4 Yeah, so, my character’s name is Seth: there’s a bit of a story behind that name and there’s about four I try to inject into just about every self-injection […]


Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 Looks Like a Hot Mess

Skinned knees, sore joints and maybe the occasional broken bone are all expected hazards when learning to skateboard but how about glitching through the walls and stuttering back and forth? From early first hand reports the retail version of Activision’s […]