Division Patch 1.2 Met With Mixed Reaction After Flurry of Glitches

The Division

Ubisoft and developer Massive rolled out The Division‘s latest major patch – Version 1.2 – a few days ago and with users finally settling in and logging on, it seems that there are more than a few problems with this latest update. Some bugs appear to be minor and can be fixed with a simple log out/log in while others have made entire characters inaccessible.

One of the most pressing glitches for players who are at the forefront of new content is the inability to sometimes complete matching making for the new incursion (The Division’s version of raids). Players will successfully join together but as soon as the matchmaking process finishes and players begin to spawn others appear to vanish as soon as they enter the mission area.


Here is how AdrianwithaW described this particular glitch on Reddit:

Problem/Bug beginning Clear Sky? from thedivision

Another problem that one poster has come across is the inability to use skills after using them a number of times during the same encounter. This is actually a problem that has existed in the game since launch and some players have had success mitigating it by cycling through their weapons a couple of times but there is confirmed 100% solution to this particular bug.

Here is a recent description of the inability to use skills bug:

Skills Glitched from thedivision

Fan reaction to this latest patch hasn’t been entirely negative. Some fans have praised Massive for the S&D and HVT missions, which allow high level agents to enter areas that they explored during the opening levels of their playing career. The high level Dark Zone areas – DZ25 & 26 –  have also received praise from high level players stating that they feel the Dark Zone is finally full of tension and reward, rather than hackers. 

Here are magicalmethods in-depth impressions of the latest patch: 

This update is a home run! Thank you Massive! from thedivision

The Division Update 1.2 adds a brand new incursion called Clear Sky that is aimed at players who are at least level 30 and is balanced towards a team of 4 people. The hard mode version of Clear Sky was released yesterday, but you’d be hardpressed to know that with all the bug reports floating around the community. This latest update also adds four new gear sets for high level players – Final Measures, Hunter’s Faith, Lone Star and Predator’s Mask. A new category of missions is also added for players who have reached max level and completed all encounters and side missions in a given area – Search & Destroy missions. You can read the exhaustive changes than The Division 1.2 introduces in the lengthy official patch notes. 

What do you think about 1.2 and some of the problems agents are facing? Let us know in the comments section. 

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