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Battlefield 3: Aftermath Launch Trailer

As Rae pointed out yesterday, the new Battlefield 3 expansion has been released on PSN for BF3 Premium subscribers. Four new maps, three new modified vehicles, and a new scoped crossbow are included. Also the expansion adds the Scavenger game mode where gamers begin […]


Battlefield 3 Expands With Aftermath DLC Tomorrow On PSN

Last year’s Battlefield 3 gets a little larger with the launch of the latest expansion, Aftermath, on the PlayStation 3 tomorrow in North America as long as you are a subscriber to the Battlefield 3 Premium service. Xbox 360 subscribers […]


PSN Store Update: 09.14.12

Sony’s latest update to the PlayStation store went live yesterday in North America. PSN+ members are able to enjoy last year’s Scott Pilgrim Vs the World and the recently released Double Dragon Neon for free. On the retail front, for […]


Jump Back Into Battlefield 3 With The Premium Edition

Don’t let the fact that Battlefield 4 is being worked on stop you from checking out the third game. Starting today, Battlefield 3 Premium Edition will be available on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC for the cost of $59.99 […]


Battlefield 3 Armored Kill DLC Hits In September

DICE’s Armored Kill DLC for Battlefield 3 has finally received an official release date as premium subscribers get it on September 11th. Non-subscribers will have to wait until September 25th for 1200 MSP. For those unfamiliar with what is included in […]


Battlefield 4 Beta Access Included With MOH: Warfighter?

EA’s Origin service may have leaked the existence of Battlefield 4 early. Promotional banners for Medal of Honor: Warfighter promised users who pre-order the game exclusive access to the Battlefield 4 beta. THeadvertisements where spotted by users on NEOGAF and […]


Battlefield 3 To Receive The Premium Treatment With New Service

Electronic Arts is following in the footsteps of Activision’s successful Call of Duty Elite service by offering a premium service that provides 5 expansion packs (including the already released Back To Karkand) with a two week headstart over the general […]