Lunara The Deer Assassin Enters The Nexus

The latest hero to enter the Nexus is Lunara the deer.. Dryad centaur Assassin that hails from the Warcraft universe.  Her agile abilities allow you to poison your foes and extend the duration of this damage if you are quick enough. Likewise her ultimate abilities also allow her to literally leap over enemies, slowing them down, or allow her to unleash a damaging storm of vines at will.

Blizzard has released a spotlight video giving players a rundown of all of the abilities that this new hero has to offer alongside some counter strategies for those who are bound to face her.

She is currently priced at 15,000 Gold – so if you’ve been doing your dailies perhaps you can afford her – or $4.99 USD thanks to the end of year extended Black Friday Sale.

[youtube id=”4OqrfLfaOnc”]


Natures Toxin (Passive) – Auto attacks poison enemies dealing 33 DMG + level modifier. Each additional attack increases amount of time poison lasts.

Noxious Blossom (Bound to Q) – After 0.5 Sec causes an explosion that deals 166 DMG + level modifier

Crippling Spores (Bound to W) –  Enemies currently afflicted by Natures Toxin have toxin duration increased by 3 sec + slowed by 40%.

WISP (Bound to E) – Spawns a Wisp to scout for you, lasts 45 seconds.

Ultimate Abilities

Thornwood Vine (Bound to R) – Sends forth a vine dealing 170 points of DMG + level modifier. Can have up to 3 charges.

Leaping Strike  (Bound to R) – Leap over an enemy slowing them by 80% and dealing 255 DMG + level modifier. Can have up to 2 charges.

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