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Clan of Champions Clashes Onto Steam

NIS America has released a new game by AQUIRE Corp (the devs behind the original Tenchu series). Focusing on focused battles in enclosed sections of the ruins of a long forgotten castle town. Rumor has it that a weapon of invincible power is located somewhere on it’s grounds and the factions are battling to find it first.

Painkiller - Hell and Damnation

Painkiller Hell & Damnation Available Now

The HD remake of Painkiller is available now on Steam! Included during Steam’s Halloween Sale you can get the preorder bonus ‘Cemetery Halloween Edition DLC’ that features the first level of the game, decorated for Halloween with special enemies and an accievement to unlock. The remake is from Nordic Games and features all of the […]


Combine Pumpkin Carving and Tetris, Get Pumpktris

Nathan Pryor posted something pretty remarkable on youtube. A pumpkin carved with 128 squares for LED’s, which users can control a fully playable version of Tetris on by moving the stem on top which serves as the joystick. Check it out here:


Borderlands Legends Comes Out Of The Vault Today

Launching today on Apples iTunes APP store, you can pick up a quite impressive looking overhead shooter. Borderlands Legends. The game seems to focus on in game cash to buy new weapons instead of gathering loot, but does include leveling up and skill tree goodness. Starring the playable characters from the original Borderlands, gamers play […]


Shake Up Your Imagination With This Gameglobe Trailer

If you’re like me, you enjoy making your own game content. It’s not always complex though, sometimes it’s just level creating fun. Take a look at what Bigpoint is working on and sign up for a free account on Basically Gameglobe sounds like a level creator with freedom to play other gamers content, as […]


Puppeteer Celebrates with Hallowee Ville Trailer

Sony’s Japan Studio released a new trailer today for Puppeteer featuring some awesome Halloween fun for the holidays. Puppeteer was announced back in August and features a boy who was carried off by the Moon Bear King into Castle Gristlestein where he’s transformed into a puppet. He escapes and ventures off to retrieve his disembodied […]


Daniel’s favorite Halloween Games

In an effort to exorcise Monty, Broken Joysticks’ official demonically possessed bulldog, I’ve been continuing my Halloween tradition of replaying some of my favorite horror games. Unfortunately, my efforts have only empowered “demonty,” but I’ve gone too far to turn back now.


MechWarrior Online Sets Sight On Open Beta

Piranha Games’ free to play take on the MechWarrior franchise entered open beta yesterday. Announced by publisher Infinite Game Publishing, anyone can register on the Mechwarrior Online site and begin downloading the client right away. Free mech based combat? Sign us up! MechWarrior being a free to play game means of course that certain features, […]


Grand Theft Auto V Releases Spring 2013

Rockstar Games has confirmed today thatGrand Theft Auto V will release in the Spring of next year – 2013! Pre-orders are not available at your local game store yet, but you should be able to start pre-ordering starting November 5th, 2012. Grand Theft Auto V will be set in a modern day southern California (San […]


Disney Buys Lucas Film, Promises Star Wars VII

In news that will no doubt flow over into video games, and makes one wonder what in the world future Kingdom Hearts games will include now that Disney has both Marvel titles and Lucas Arts titles, Disney has purchased Lucas Film. News has it to the tune of $4.05 Billion. This is very surprising news […]


Nightmare In North Point DLC Released Today

Want some supernatural horror action in your Sleeping Dogs for Halloween? United Front Games has you covered with their latest DLC pack. Surprisingly for how much fun it looks like, see the trailer here, this add-on is only $4.99. I’ll definitely be giving it a go so I’ll be sure to post my impressions later. […]


Closure of Broken Joysticks Forums

Our forums will be riding off into the sunset tomorrow… Here’s the announcement: Phase out of Community Forums Effective November 1st the BrokenJoysticks community forums will no longer be active. We appreciate everyone who took the time to sign up and enjoy during this two month trial run. As a staff we learned quite a […]


Dragon’s Dogma | Review

Editor’s note:  Storms are raging on the east coast of Canada and the United States right now. Here’s a review from our very own Jason Fayta as he looks back on this past spring’s Dragon’s Dogma. Our original content schedule should be back on track soon! Version tested: PlayStation 3 Capcom, famed developer and publisher […]


Mario Kart 7, Star Fox and Zelda OOT Added To JPN 3DS E-Shop

Nintendo’s latest update to the Japanese E-Shop almost reads like a best of list for any 3DS newcomer. If you’ve got spare change to burn, a Japanese 3DS and a large memory card then you my friend are in for one hell of a gaming experience. According to this very Japanese web page – what […]


Broken Joysticks & Hurricane Sandy

Live on the East Coast? Yeah, so do we. Unfortunately, that means we’re about ready to be hit by one of the biggest storms of the century. With this on all of our minds, news production will be slowing down a bit in order for the staff to prepare for the worst. The storm itself […]

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