Clan of Champions Clashes Onto Steam

NIS America has released a new game by AQUIRE Corp (the devs behind the original Tenchu series). Focusing on focused battles in enclosed sections of the ruins of a long forgotten castle town. Rumor has it that a weapon of invincible power is located somewhere on it’s grounds and the factions are battling to find it first.

The game does have a single player component but it’s recommended that you team up with some friends. Otherwise you’ll be given two bot controlled companions for your human, elf or orc character. Lots of armor and weapons to collect as you knock them from your foes and purchase them after battle.

There’s skills to be gained, levels to attain, and and magic to wield! Stay tuned to Broken Joysticks for a full review of Clan of Champions coming soon from yours truly. The PSN version is also coming soon!

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