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Will Xbox Infinity Be Microsoft’s New Console Title?

The UK branch of the International Business Times has reported that it seems the next Xbox may be called Xbox Infinity. The above logo however hasn’t been confirmed, and has even been called into question by a user on VG […]


RUMOR: Next Xbox Won’t Be “Online All The Time”

So here we are again with the rumors surrounding the next console from Microsoft. Durango, NextBox, Xbox, Xbox 720…whatever you want to call it. We know that many gamers and loyal fans have all but jumped ship in spite of […]


Survive On An Alien Moon In XenoMiner

XenoMiner is a voxel based game similar to Minecraft that I’ve been playing recently. I figured I’d continue my voxel news from my last article on the VoxelFarm engine with this article about a game I’ve grown quite fond of. […]


“Next-Xbox” Beta Testing Is A Scam

I’m pretty sure this goes without saying, but it’s better to report and save an individual from this scam than to let it slip by. So, I’m sure most of you probably have a Facebook account. Most of you gamers […]


Xbox ‘Gold Family Pack’ Gets Discontinued

Back in November 2010, Microsoft rolled out a great service to families with numerous gamers within the household called the Xbox Gold Family Pack. The deal was actually really sweet, you get four Xbox Live memberships for $100 (a savings […]


Is the Next Xbox Anti-Consumer?

It’s not often that I like to express myself on rumors; with that being said, this one has floated around for a while: the elimination of used games. Now before you go grabbing your pitchforks and go on a witch […]


IllumiRoom Concept Unveiled By Microsoft

Today at CES 2013 in Las Vegas Microsoft has revealed a new proof-of-concept called IllumiRoom. Combining Kinect and a projector, IllumiRoom will illuminate the area around your television with digital projections of the scenery within the game. Cool right? Microsoft […]


Xbox “720” Rumors Spill Out As Xbox World Nears It’s End

One of the many unfortunate things in this industry is that we see many developers, publishers, and even gaming industry media outlets being shut down year after year. It seems like that number is on the rise even more so […]


Need For Speed Kinect Controls In Action

The new Need For Speed: Most Wanted is set to launch from the starting line October 30th and the latest features are looking pretty handy. I havn’t played Mass Effect 3 yet, so I can’t relate to the comparison in […]


Xbox Live’s ‘Summer of Arcade’ Detailed

It’s getting warm outside and that can only mean one thing. It’s time to play some more video games! Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb aka: Major Nelson poured on the details of this year’s Xbox Live Arcade’s Summer of Arcade today. Want to know […]


Is This Halo 4’s Viral Marketing Campaign?

From “I Love Bees” to “Iris”, the Halo franchise and Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) seem to go hand-in-hand these days — a trend that appears to be continuing with Halo 4, if a recent ad on ESPN.com is to be […]