RUMOR: Next Xbox Won’t Be “Online All The Time”

Posted on April 10, 2013 by Joshua Rust

So here we are again with the rumors surrounding the next console from Microsoft. Durango, NextBox, Xbox, Xbox 720…whatever you want to call it. We know that many gamers and loyal fans have all but jumped ship in spite of the rumors going around about having an “online all the time connection.” Well, those are rumors and until Microsoft fully announces what they plan to do with the next console all we have are rumors so adjust accordingly. reports today that the always online functionality is in fact false, so claims their source.

In fact, the whole always online is actually for a new ‘reoriented’ Xbox 360 that will be released for around $149. Rumor is (love that word, right?) that it will not ship with a disc-based drive, but will require everything to be downloaded digitally. But, through some means it will be able to connect to the new Xbox and will allow disc-based play through some kind of Xbox add-on.

VGLeaks source also claims that Durango will not require users to have a constant connection to be able to play games offline. Including local content and it will also play “second-hand” games. This to me seems more reasonable because there is no way that the Gamestop CEO would be thrilled by the next Xbox inability to play used games.

I will reiterate all of this again, this is a rumor and treat it as such. We were supposed to know more about Microsoft’s next home console at the end of this month, but it’s apparently been pushed back to May 21st – citing the delay to “not having a physical set of devices to show” and “specification changes”.

Come on May 21st…let’s get these stupid rumors out of the way and get on with gaming!

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