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Saint’s Row IV New DLC Details

Saint’s Row IV new DLC will be releasing this October the 23rd, owners of the Season’s Pass will automatically receive the DLC, titled Enter the Dominatrix, a mockumentary style expansion that was originally going to be part of Saint’s Row: […]


Saints Row IV Lets You Battle Aliens As The President

It’s no surprise with this quirky series that takes itself less and less seriously with each sequel, but yes, this time you are the president (seemingly still in your Saints Row custom character lead) fighting an alien race known as […]


Saints Row: The Third’s Compilation Disc In November Is Huge

One of 2011’s best (and goofiest) games, Saints Row: The Third, is receiving a compilation disc aptly named, Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package. Fans of the game from the states can expect it to hit stores on November […]