Saints Row: The Third’s Compilation Disc In November Is Huge

Posted on September 24, 2012 by Seung Lee

One of 2011’s best (and goofiest) games, Saints Row: The Third, is receiving a compilation disc aptly named, Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package. Fans of the game from the states can expect it to hit stores on November 6, while international fans will see it on November 9. As the title implies, all of the DLC that’s ever been released for Saints Row: The Third will be on the disc (no vouchers, if you were worried about that).

There’s been a lot of neat content for fans to sink their teeth into, by the way for interested newcomers. From items in the Shark Attack pack, to the missions in the The Trouble with Clones missions pack, you’ll have at least another ten hours or so of things to do on the side, on top of the actual game itself. You may have heard about Saints Row: The Third – Enter the Dominatrix, a superhero themed add-on, a while back, and wondered about whatever happened to it. Well, it was canceled, so it unfortunately won’t be on The Full Package.

As per usual, the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC will receive The Full Package, and it’ll go for $49.99. Not too bad, considering how much bang you’ll be getting for your buck. Check out the game’s official site here.

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