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Free DLC For Valkyria Revolution & Dark Rose Valkyrie To Help You Beat The Heat

Posted on July 28, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

What’s the best way to beat the summer heat? Surprisingly we’ve had two major RPG releases this season – Dark Rose Valkyrie and Valkyria Revolution and both games have a whole trove of free downloadable content on the PlayStation Store. When the thermometer breaks one of the best ways to pass the hot days is to immerse oneself in an RPG. 

Fans of Idea Factory International’s recent RPG produced by development staff known for the ‘Tales of’ franchise, Dark Rose Valkyrie, can nab extra missions, a couple of costumes for party members and crafting resources.

Available Free DLC (Dark Rose Valkyrie) 

  • Founding Commemoration Set 
  • Special Boot Camp Set (x 3) 
  • Special Provisioning Set (x 3) 
  • Amusement Variety Set 
  • Dark Heart Pounding Set 
  • Dengeki Exciting Set 

Perhaps visiting SEGA’s re imagining of the Valkyria series is more your style when it comes to summer time RPGs. SEGA has provided Amleth & Co with quite a few resource packs and special missions available through the PlayStation Store to aid them on their quest to free their home from the influence of the Ruzi Empire. 

Available Free DLC (Valkyria Revolution) 

  • Special Issue: Spinning Squall+  
  • Special Issue: Veteran Pouch+ 
  • Special Issue: Smash Blaze+ 
  • Special Issue: Ragnite Shards 
  • Special Issue: Burn Field+ 
  • Scenario Pack: Princess & Valkyria (extra missions) 
  • Scenario Pack: Maxim & Remembrance (extra missions) 
  • Scenario Pack: The Circle of Five 
  • Scenario Pack: Vanguard Bundle (extra missions) 

There you have it – two collections of DLC to extend your summer RPG experience and all of it is available for free. Let us know in the comments if you found this reminder post useful and I’ll try to highlight other low cost or free game add-ons in the future. 

I have both Valkyria Revolution and Dark Rose Valkyrie loaded onto my PlayStation 4 and I am planning to delve deeper into my opinions on both later this summer, having just finished both an Elder Scrolls Online expansion and Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood – I need a bit of an RPG break before launching into another 50 hour+ quest. 


Valkyria Revolution Storms Onto The PlayStation 4 Today

Posted on June 27, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

SEGA’s Valkria franchise hasn’t seen an original release in North America in 7 and a half years but the beloved cell-shaded franchise returns with the PlayStation 4 release of Valkyria Revolution on PS4, Vita and Xbox One today.

Eschewing the unique turn based / action focused combat system from the original titles in favor of full-on action RPG combat puts players right into the heart of the action without sacrificing the strategic elopements that helped make the Valkyria franchise a cult classic. Story-wise players will once again recruit a ragtag team of soldiers, this time helmed by Princess Ophellia and Captain Amleth Gronjaer as they defend the continent of Europa from the oncoming forces of the Ruzi Empire.

To celebrate the launch of Valkryia Revolution SEGA has several planned pieces of free DLC to expand the game. Including:

  • Special Issue Gear: Veteran’s Pouch – Grants a 10% EXP bonus
  • Spinning Squall – Special Ragnite used in battle
  • Burn Field + – Special Ragnite used in battle
  • 30 Ragnite Shards
  • Smash Blaze + – Special Ragnite used in battle.

All five pieces of DLC listed above are available now with three additional Scenario and Item Packs arriving in North America for free on July 5th, July 11th and July 18th. These additional packs include new quests, in the form of “tales”, more free ragnite shards and additional battle actions to expand your armies repertoire.  Sounds like Valkyria Revolution fans will have a lot of content to keep them busy during one of the hottest summer months.

Upcoming DLC for Valkyria Revolution includes:

  • Scenario Pack: The Vanguard (Available now)
  • Scenario Pack: The Circle of Five (July 5th)
  • Scenario Pack: The Princess and the Valkyria (July 11th)
  • Scenario Pack: Maxim and Remembrance (July 18th)

Reviews on the game have so far been mixed but I’m looking forward to checking it out. I’ve been a fan of the Valkria franchise since the 2009 North American release of the original game, I bought the digital version of Valkyria Chronicles 2 on Vita as soon as it was available and I’m still sad that VC3 never made it to the west. My limited edition arrived today and I was surprised to see that the first print-runs of Valkyria Chronicles included a bonus collector’s pin and a soundtrack sampler. Perhaps if Revolution is successful we will see future entries in the Valkria franchise and won’t have to wait another painful seven years.

A free Valkyria Revolution theme is also available via the PlayStation Network for PS4.



Deep Silver and Sega Team Up To Publish Valkyria Revolution In The West

Posted on December 14, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

SEGA and Deep Silver are joining forces to spearhead the revolution on Western shores, no the two publishers aren’t overthrowing the capitalist system but rather bringing the latest title in the Valkyria series to both North America, Europe and Australia in the second quarter of 2017. Not only is the news of the game’s western release a surprise but both companies will be bringing out physical versions for Xbox One & PS4 as well as a digital only release for the PlayStation Vita.

Valyria Revolution is a bit of a rebirth for the longtime strategy RPG / action hybrid series. Set in the same alternate timeline as the original Valkyria Chronicles titles, Revolution is set against the background of the much earlier Victorian era technological revolution that brought locomotives and telecommunications into the world.  The battle system in Valkyria Revolution does away with the strategy RPG emphasis for a more action orientated affair that mixes in strategy through the management of multiple fronts during the single-player campaign. Players will be able to charge into battle alongside other units and rack-up highly devastating combos using this brand new combat syste.


Story wise Valkyria Revolution focuses on a group of five friends whose lifelong bonds are tested as their thirst for revenge plunges the entire continent into war. Using their limited influence and political connections this “Circle of Five” must build an army and manage multiple fronts to rise up against the oppressive enemy that currently occupies their country. While the narrative certainly draws on the themes of comradery and an underdog military against the oppressor that was present in the original Valkyria Chronicles, it also seems to introduce conflicting shades of grey – are “Circle of Five” true revolutionaries fighting for the freedom of their nation or are they simply using influence to fuel a personal vendetta?


Set to be released as Aoki Kakumei no Varukyuria (lit. Valkyria of the Blue Revolution), SEGA has changed the name for the west since they found the literal translation to be difficult to work with from a translation and graphic design perspective. The game is currently under development at Media Vision and is scheduled for an earlier January 2017 release in Japan for PS4 & PS Vita. A special demo version of Valkyria of the Blue Revolution was released this past October for Japanese PS4 owners and carries special unlocks forward into the full game.



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