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Xbox Play Anywhere is coming in September

Posted on July 2, 2016 by Fionna Schweit

We brought you news of the Xbox and PC officially getting hitched right from the Xbox Media Conference. Now Microsoft have decided to send out official invitations. Polygon confirmed today that the feature will go live September 13. Early titles that we know are going to be a part of this program include Halo Wars 2, Forza Horizon 3, and Gears of War 4. I am sure there will also be many, many other titles to come, but that’s what we know so far.

The feature lets you buy a game on Xbox One and get the PC version free or vice versa. GAMING WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. (ok well maybe it wont change at all), Microsoft also says that game saves and achievements are  available across devices.Play Anywhere requires Windows 10’s new Anniversary update, which lands on August 2. Additionally, Xbox One users will need the new summer update, which is coming soon.

It seems that what we did miss at the Xbox Presser was that ReCore which launches September 13th. Other supported games will include Forza Horizon 3 (September 27), Gears of War 4 (October 11) and Halo Wars 2 (February 17, 2017). Thats all we got so far, but I think its pretty safe to assume that all Microsoft developed products will now include Xbox Play Anywhere.

Sony has said they do not plan on introducing a similar program anytime soon. Recall PlayStation president Andrew House’s words just a short month ago:”I always hesitate to be drawn into discussions of someone else’s strategy. I’m more than happy to talk about our own strategy. Yes, there was a big emphasis from the folks at Microsoft on Xbox and PC cross-play. It remains to be seen whether there is latent large consumer demand for that.”

So there you go. Will this change what you think about Xbox vs Playstation? will it finally convince you Console hold-outs that a PC is a good idea? Tell us what you think on Facebook and Twitter.


Did Alistair McNally reveal BioWares new title at GDC?

Posted on March 22, 2016 by Fionna Schweit

We have known for a while that BioWare maker of beloved Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and yes Knights of the Old Republic,  are working on a new IP. However, what we didnt know was that Alistair McNally  BioWares’s senior director of creative development have revealed that project at GDC. However, he did it in such a  clandestine that all of the media outlets (including our own) who were at GDC missed it.  Take look at that tweet for full confirmation, but basically he said that he was walking around in a new T-shirt that had the IP on it.

Since Alistair has only about 5000 followers, even this tweet went mostly unnoticed. IGN dug it up this morning and now a large chunk of the internet is searching for images of Alistair at the convention, to try and analyze the shirt he is wearing.

So what do you hope the new IP is? Tell us on Facebook, or Twitter!



Twitter To Layoff 4000 Staff

Posted on October 10, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Reports have surfaced that Twitter is planning to layoff over 4,000 staff members and cancel a major expansion to their San Fransisco headquarters. The reason behind these cuts – spearheaded by the company’s new CEO – are an effort to curb rising operating costs and a lower stock price.

How will this affect users of the popular social media site and its plan to move beyond the 140 character limit is unclear at this time. Recently Twitter has talked about expanding the amount of characters – giving users more room to express themselves.

Do you use a lot of Twitter, readers? I’m a bit of a Social Media junkie with well over 12,000 tweets to my name. I’ve made some of my very best friends via Twitter and I’m sad to see a lot of people about to lose their jobs 🙁



Even Oddworld’s Just Add Water Wants FantaSize 2 To Succeed!

Posted on February 16, 2013 by Les Major

In a completely unexpected turn of events for the FantaSize 2 animation campaign I’m personally running over on IndieGoGo, JAW tweeted the above after learning about it from a fan. The crowdfunding campaign is in it’s last hours with only six hours remaining and very little left to raise to it’s goal! Definitely a huge thanks to JAW for the tweet! Here’s to hoping we reach our goal before time runs out!


Twitter Explores Social Media’s Take On Women In The Video Game Industry

Posted on November 27, 2012 by Broken Joysticks

Social media has often served as a battleground for debates regarding political and economical arguments, but currently there is a long-standing outcry on Twitter that has breached a boiling point in the video game industry of which needed to be addressed; sexism and lack of feminine awareness in video games.

One of the biggest trends on Twitter currently has been the #1ReasonWhy hashtag, which surfaced this Tuesday, giving  a voice to the voiceless in the industry; female developers who have stepped forward in telling their short tales of sexism and misogyny in the workplace. A sad but absolute truth, revelations from a number of female developers explain that it is still an uphill battle in winning respect among their peers, and the sexist culture that permeates from within the business.Read More


Twitter Becomes #38job Fair For 38 Studios/BHG

Posted on May 24, 2012 by Andrew Minott

In the wake of the announcement of the closing of Kingdoms of Amalur developers 38 Studios and Big Huge Games, a large number of gaming  professionals took to Twitter to post notices of job openings in the industry under the hashtag #38jobs.

Companies such as Epic Games, Microsoft, Bethesda/Zenimax, Insomniac, Blizzard (with a reported 110 openings), and dozens more responded in merely a few hours, encouraging those affected by the layoffs to send in their applications. Unfortunately, as the hashtag became more popular, Twitter spambots decided to descend upon the proceedings, resulting in a very poor noise-to-signal ratio.Read More


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