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Broken Joysticks Now Has Our Own Sub Reddit

Our site is the primary place for us to post new content but if you’ve ever wanted to comment on our articles, pitch story ideas or interact with our editors that has been a little difficult up until now. Aside […]


Square-Enix Creates And Pulls Hitman Absolution Facebook App

In just a single day, the P.R. department representing Hitman Absolution went from celebrating the creation of a brand-new Facebook App to promote the release of said game to initiating damage control because of it. The idea of the app […]


Twitter Explores Social Media’s Take On Women In The Video Game Industry

Social media has often served as a battleground for debates regarding political and economical arguments, but currently there is a long-standing outcry on Twitter that has breached a boiling point in the video game industry of which needed to be […]


Reggie Fils-Amie speaks Miiverse/TVii

Reggie Fils-Aime has been busy talking a lot about the Wii U lately. Today on AllThingsDigital, Reggie spoke about the changes in the philosophy that gamers will be enduring the next generation and how television will never be the same […]