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New Dead Island: Riptide Info!

Just got an email a bit ago from our friends at Deep Silver, chock full of new information about Dead Island: Riptide.  First of all, that handsome fellow in the featured image at the top there?  That’s John Morgan.  He’s […]


Dead Island: Riptide Collector’s Edition?

In a fit of genius, our friends at Deep Silver have created a survey to find out what you, their loyal fans, want most in a potential Dead Island: Riptide Collector’s Edition!  Keep in mind that right now this is […]


First Dead Island: Riptide Details Emerge

Hot off the press from my fabulous Deep Silver contact, we have the first bit of information on the storyline and gameplay elements of Dead Island: Riptide.  Our same four familiar faces play the main roles, with a fifth character, […]


Dead Island Developers Announce: Project Hell

Techland, famous for that little game we know as Dead Island, has announced that they have a “side project” that they are working on to launch as a new IP – codenamed: Project Hell. Project Hell started off as a […]


Dead Island GOTY Edition Announced

Deep Silver has just announced a Game of the Year edition for Dead Island, Techland’s immersive “jumping on zombie heads with friends” simulator. The GOTY edition comes with all of Dead Island’s DLC: Ryder White, Bloodbath arena, and “The Ripper” […]


Dead Island DLC Giveaway

I don’t know why, but Thursday’s mortify me. It is unquestionably the scariest day of the week. The spooky mood this morning has inspired me to give out something horror related. Alas, we don’t have any proper horror games. Instead, […]