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Meet Overwatch’s Sombra In The ‘Infiltrator’ Short

Posted on November 4, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

Overwatch’s stealthy hacker has been teased, hinted at and hidden in the shadows since her first mention several months ago. After a lengthy Alternate Reality game involving fictional corporations, hidden voice lines and out of game mysteries – Sombra is now in plain sight for all to see,

In true Blizzard style she interrupted a documentary outlining the global launch of Blizzard’s competitive online shooter. The brand new animated short showcases Sombra, Reaper and Widowmaker taking on an assignment to assassinate the head of a Russian weapon development corporation.

In terms of personality it seems that Sombra is a fun loving and not so serious hero. She ends her interaction with the head of the Russian weapons corporation by “booping” her nose. Sombra’s personality certainly matches her colourful aesthetic, it is a shame her design was leaked so early but this new short certainly makes up for it.

According the official Overwatch site here are all of her abilities:

Machine Pistol Sombra’s fully-automatic machine pistol fires in a short-range spread.

Hack – Sombra hacks enemies to temporarily stop them from using their abilities, or hacks first aid kits to make them useless to her opponents.

Theromoptic Camo – Sombra becomes invisible for a short period of time, during which her speed is boosted considerably. Attacking, using offensive abilities, or taking damage disables her camouflage.

Translocator Sombra tosses out a translocator beacon. She can instantly return to the beacon’s location while it is active (including when it’s in mid-flight).

EMP – Sombra discharges electromagnetic energy in a wide radius, destroying enemy barriers and shields and hacking all opponents caught in the blast.

Watch the new short below. Sombra is playable on the Blizzcon show-floor and will be on the Public Test Realm next week.


Huge Leak Reveals Overwatch Halloween Event & Sombra

Posted on October 8, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

Multiple leaks may have confirmed a number of new additions coming very soon to the world of Overwatch including a new limited time event, a new set of loot boxes and our first look at the illusive Sombra. It is important to note that none of this has been confirmed by Blizzard and all of this information comes from multiple sources, so make sure you firmly plant all of this in the rumor column until it is officially confirmed.



The leak involving our would be hacker / assassin comes from reddit user je_te_vois who posted an internal screenshot that not only gives us our first look at Sombra’s in-game design but also details about her background.

Sadly this portion of the leak is short on details about she might play in-game. Here’s a list of what we do know:

  • She is one of the most renown hackers in the world of Overwatch.
  • She suffered a great loss as a child “costing her everything”.
  • Sombra worked as a freelance hacker before going underground due to something (the image is cut off).
  • She was later recruited by the terrorist organization Talon (which explains one of Reaper’s voice lines).

In terms of her design she sports a small SMG machine gun, a purple and white leather coat with a large collar. Her aesthetic is completed with a glorious side-cut, here just take a look for yourself:

Upcoming Comic


A brand new tie-in comic revealing a bit more about the Overwatch universe may drop as early as this Tuesday and the cover art for the comic tells us a lot more than just little tidbits of backstory. Titled “Junkenstein” this comic appears to be one of the centerpieces of the game’s upcoming Halloween event. Inspired by classic monster movies (for its title) and other Halloween tropes we see new outfits for both Junkrat and Mercy.

Also rumored to be coming to Overwatch (via Neogaf) but with a lot less information to back it up is a PVE horde mode where players will battle against Omnic A.Is on a special version of the Echenwald castle – sadly we have no images or further details on this possible new mode but if it is true, this would add a much needed PVE focus to a game that has been soley PVP focused since its release.


Lastly what would a brand new event be without more loot boxes? Given the comic cover it is safe to say that there will be new Halloween inspired legendaries available. These loot boxes appeared briefly on the Xbox Live Marketplace so there is a high chance that they are legit.

What do you think of all of this? Quite a bit to chew through but if legit then Overwatch is about to get one heck of an expansion come this Tueaday.

We will update this story if anything becomes official.


Blizzard Teases new Healer Character

Posted on July 11, 2016 by Fionna Schweit

If you like me find yourself spending most nights playing Overwatch, you probably already know about Sombra. Sombra is featured in a ton of the media for Overwatch. Shes in many of the levels. And there have been several hints to her identity from in game voice lines, pictures, and behind the scenes stuff.


Well now we know shes probably coming this month to an Overwatch team near you.

and that will probably be her gun. In case you dont want to read the text (it is kinda small) here it is

“While Torbjörn has, as ever, put forth a very clever design for his latest weapon, I would like to remind everyone that my intention when agreeing to the development of different biotic delivery mechanisms was to save the lives of Overwatch agents and others in need of medical aid. With this latest proposal, it is clear to me that we are on the slippery slope to modifications that will inevitably result in a weaponized version of this technology: something that I have been completely opposed to from the beginning.”

So what’s a Sombra anyways?

We don’t know a whole lot about this new character, but what we do know is this

  • She’s Pharah’s mother
  • She’s an Overwatch founder
  • She’s going to be a long range healer
  • Her gun might be dual mode with a heal and a damage ability

Neogaff has a long thread that puts together all of the evidence that Sombra is going to be the new character revealed later this month. Its pretty good reading but Neogaff is known to jump to conclusions on things that they dont really know about. So take it with a LARGE grain of salt.

Jeff Kaplan muddied the waters even more and made Neogaff seem smart when last week he told Eurogamer  “We have put a lot of hints, all over the game and out of the game, so I would say it’s about time that people are concerned with who Sombra is.”

So it sure seems like Sombra is going to be the next member of Overwatch, but we will have to wait a little bit to find out.


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