October 8, 2016

Huge Leak Reveals Overwatch Halloween Event & Sombra

Posted on October 8, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

Multiple leaks may have confirmed a number of new additions coming very soon to the world of Overwatch including a new limited time event, a new set of loot boxes and our first look at the illusive Sombra. It is important to note that none of this has been confirmed by Blizzard and all of this information comes from multiple sources, so make sure you firmly plant all of this in the rumor column until it is officially confirmed.



The leak involving our would be hacker / assassin comes from reddit user je_te_vois who posted an internal screenshot that not only gives us our first look at Sombra’s in-game design but also details about her background.

Sadly this portion of the leak is short on details about she might play in-game. Here’s a list of what we do know:

  • She is one of the most renown hackers in the world of Overwatch.
  • She suffered a great loss as a child “costing her everything”.
  • Sombra worked as a freelance hacker before going underground due to something (the image is cut off).
  • She was later recruited by the terrorist organization Talon (which explains one of Reaper’s voice lines).

In terms of her design she sports a small SMG machine gun, a purple and white leather coat with a large collar. Her aesthetic is completed with a glorious side-cut, here just take a look for yourself:

Upcoming Comic


A brand new tie-in comic revealing a bit more about the Overwatch universe may drop as early as this Tuesday and the cover art for the comic tells us a lot more than just little tidbits of backstory. Titled “Junkenstein” this comic appears to be one of the centerpieces of the game’s upcoming Halloween event. Inspired by classic monster movies (for its title) and other Halloween tropes we see new outfits for both Junkrat and Mercy.

Also rumored to be coming to Overwatch (via Neogaf) but with a lot less information to back it up is a PVE horde mode where players will battle against Omnic A.Is on a special version of the Echenwald castle – sadly we have no images or further details on this possible new mode but if it is true, this would add a much needed PVE focus to a game that has been soley PVP focused since its release.


Lastly what would a brand new event be without more loot boxes? Given the comic cover it is safe to say that there will be new Halloween inspired legendaries available. These loot boxes appeared briefly on the Xbox Live Marketplace so there is a high chance that they are legit.

What do you think of all of this? Quite a bit to chew through but if legit then Overwatch is about to get one heck of an expansion come this Tueaday.

We will update this story if anything becomes official.


Scott Cawthon releases Sister Location

Posted on October 8, 2016 by Meghan Kass

Five Nights At Freddy’s fans can rejoice again, Scott Cawthon has delivered the next chapter of his hit series is out. Not only are there new animatronics to meet and fear,a new setting to explore, new voices and new clues to the ongoing and increasingly convoluted lore. Will this be a hit with the fanbase or will it be a miss? Either answer, what isn’t debated is the excitement.

Early in the day today, Five Night’s at Freddy’s: Sister Location was in the Steam Store, ready to purchase and play. While FNAF: World may have been a disappointment to both Scott and many fans of the series, Sister Location appears to be a return to form with its dark, eerie atmosphere, claustrophobic setting and uneasy voice guiding you through the work you do at your new job. The job this time is a late night technician at Circus Baby’s Pizza World. This game not only connects to previous FNAF games, but also references the novel “Five Nights at Freddy’s: Silver Eyes” with the character William Afton, who eventually in Silver Eyes becomes the infamous “Purple Guy”.

Youtubers, such as MatPat from Game Theory and Markiplier excitedly streamed the game, while commenting with their thoughts and theories on where Sister Location fits in the FNAF universe and what it means for the lore. It seems this takes place before all the previous FNAF games as this shows the early work of Afton as a technician and it also appears any classic FNAF animatronics are shiny and well kept. This game promises to be a welcome Halloween treat with plenty of jump scares and eerie mechanical murderers whether you are a fan of the theories and lore of the game or not. If you want to join the FNAF fun, pick up your copy and enjoy.


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