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Grand Theft Auto V Hijacks PS4 & Xbox One On Nov 18th

Posted on September 13, 2014 by Rae Michelle Richards

Remember when RockStar Games announced that Grand Theft Auto V would be coming to current generation consoles like the PlayStation 4 sometime soon? The studio revealed this week that the latest GTA will be making its way on to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on November 18th 2014 and will be available on Windows PC on January 27th 2015!

Will there be better graphics? Most definitely, but that is not the only improvement that RockStar is working on for GTA’s 8th generation debut. Multiplayer matches will now feature up to 30 players on PS4 & Xbox One,  they’ve also added new vehicles, new weapons, new activities and enhanced damage / weather systems.

Did you take a trip to Los Santos when GTA V was released last September? If you didn’t, then the current-gen version sounds like the best way to experience the latest GTA. Check out several screenshots of GTA V for Xbox One / PS4 after the jump. We’ve also got the full press-release from RockStar games!

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New GTA V Details Confirmed

Posted on May 2, 2013 by Joshua Rust

Grand Theft Auto V isn’t due out until September, you can bet that new information will keep flowing in on a regular basis to keep you somewhat satisfied – though we all know it’s never going to be enough until the game is in our hand. But, nothing we can do about that so what we can do is bring you some of the new details.

Just yesterday Rockstar released three new trailer (which are combined together in our news story, you can find here) showing off a little backstory to each of the three playable characters. It appears that this new iteration of GTA will incorporate several RPG elements by looking at the list after the jump. Each of the three characters will have skills and all three of the protagonists will be better in some skills than the other two as well. I think my favorite thing about the new details is that the underwater areas are now a living breathing ecosystem that you can explore and even find treasure in….Read More


Return To GTA’s Vice City On iOS And Android Devices December 6

Posted on November 21, 2012 by Seung Lee

In celebration of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City‘s tenth anniversary, Rockstar has decided to go back and touch the original game up a bit for mobile devices. Both fans of iOS and Android will be able to relive all of the Miami-inspired bliss on December 6, 2012, for only $5. Expect high-resolution graphics (retina support included!), updated character models, better lighting, improved shooting controls, and a fully customizable button layout.

Read more to see a list of all of the devices that’ll be able to handle the portable mayhem this December.

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City removed from Steam

Posted on November 15, 2012 by Broken Joysticks

For those of you  that have not yet purchased Grand Theft Auto: Vice City off of Steam, there is now an unfortunate happenstance that’s likely to prevent you from playing the role of Tommy Vercetti for an undetermined amount of time. The reported block came from none other than Sony Music Entertainment, who cited licensing misuse on Michael Jackson’s ‘Wanna Be Startin’ Something’ found on the Vice City Fever 105 station. Rockstar has claimed that they are currently in the process of making the game available once again on Steam, as soon as this problem is fixed.

Fortunately, if you have already purchased and downloaded Vice City to begin with, you can still re-download and install it at any time, this removal only prevents any future buyers of the game at this point. Needless to say, it is an utter disappointment for the RIAA to once again step up and ruin not only music licensing in video games, but digital distribution as well.


Get Ready For A GTA V Info Blowout

Posted on October 11, 2012 by Seung Lee

After receiving small tidbits of info all this time, with pictures and a short trailer, Rockstar Games’s highly anticipated GTA V is finally going to come out with a huge coverage by Game Informer. Editor-In-Chief Andy McNamara tweeted a few moments ago that the December edition of the magazine will feature GTA V on the cover. Expect tons of new info on just about everything that the game’ll have to offer.

To see McNamara’s tweet, go here. To check out GTA V‘s official site, go here.


Grand Theft Auto III PSN Date Revealed?

Posted on September 18, 2012 by Broken Joysticks

After a long wait, Grand Theft Auto III will finally hit the Playstation Store after months of delay due to issues surrounding certain tracks of the game’s soundtrack. However the news is coming from Sony Hong Kong’s website and they have it listed for September 25th. This source could be trusted as in the past the Hong Kong PS Store has matched release dates with the US and EU. Rockstar has not officially confirmed the date for the release however. While we await the release of GTA V, why not kick it old school? Read More


Max Payne 3 Gets Noir Filter, Modifiers, New Map in Free DLC Next Week

Posted on August 21, 2012 by Jeff Wade

More DLC for Max Payne 3 is rolling out, like a bad habit that you can’t quit and that won’t cost any of the equally flawed pennies that keep showing up.

There’s no price better than free for the Disorganized Crime DLC pack, that packs in a host of modifiers for the game’s arcade mode like sardines that couldn’t be packed tighter if they were a 90s slang term for cool. Exploding Rounds, aggresive Lone Wolf A.I. and Headshot only modifiers will make a three legged pony show that changes the arcade mode experiance and a brand new noir filter will let you play through the game in a classic black and white filter that matches the game’s noir influences (and this belabored blog post). And there’s just enough room in the tango for the Hoboken Rooftops.

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GTA 5 Screens Have Planes and Automobiles, Trains Maybe Later

Posted on August 20, 2012 by Jeff Wade

Slowly but surely, Rockstar seems to be pulling back the curtain on Grand Theft Auto 5, offering pictorial proof that, yes it is a thing and that it is very likely to have numerous vehicles, presumably for you to steal.

Mind you what’s there is not incredibly much, but in a blog post entitled “Transportation,” these three screenshots offer a hint to what we can expect from the anticipated sequel.

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A Second Chance For Fans To Be Featured In Max Payne 3

Posted on July 5, 2012 by Rae Michelle Richards

Fans now have a second chance to be digitized as a playable avatar in Max Payne 3 with the announcement of a second round of auditions to be held by RockStar games.  Four lucky members of the RockStar Social Club will me immortalized in a Max Payne 3 DLC package, due out this fall.

The publisher will be holding several Social Club Events throughout July where those interested can enter to win.  To enter, simply select the “Social Club Event Playlist” in Max Payne 3’s multiplayer mode. You’ll have to play a complete game in order for your entry to count.

Random users who select the playlist will be invited to submit photos of themselves for consideration. RockStar provided the following casting sessions time & dates. Get your copies of Max Payne 3 ready!



Max Payne 3 | Review

Posted on May 23, 2012 by Eric Bastelak

It has been nine long years since we last left the Max Payne series, the thrilling cinematic franchise with a dark and twisting story. Max Payne invented one of the most imitated and never again perfected shooter mechanics, bullet time. When other series did it, it just didn’t feel right. Well move over Generic shooter two hundred and twenty billion, daddy is home and he’s going to show you what fun and challenge mean again.Read More


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