A Second Chance For Fans To Be Featured In Max Payne 3

Fans now have a second chance to be digitized as a playable avatar in Max Payne 3 with the announcement of a second round of auditions to be held by RockStar games.  Four lucky members of the RockStar Social Club will me immortalized in a Max Payne 3 DLC package, due out this fall.

The publisher will be holding several Social Club Events throughout July where those interested can enter to win.  To enter, simply select the “Social Club Event Playlist” in Max Payne 3’s multiplayer mode. You’ll have to play a complete game in order for your entry to count.

Random users who select the playlist will be invited to submit photos of themselves for consideration. RockStar provided the following casting sessions time & dates. Get your copies of Max Payne 3 ready!


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