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New Characters Join The Battle Royale

It was announced today by Lead Game Designer from Sony Santa Monica Seth Killian, during his visit to the IGN offices that the next DLC for PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale has been decided and dated. Isaac Clarke, the main character […]


Sony’s Battle Royale Delayed Until November

Kratos, Nathan Drake and company will have to wait a little while longer before they will be brawling it out on the PS Vita and PS3. PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale has officially been delayed until November20th in North America […]


PlayStation All-Stars Set For October Release

Sony’s take on the “mascot brawler” sub-genre, first popularized by Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros series, PlayStation All-Stars, will release in the United States and Canada on October 23rd, 2012 for PS3 and Playstation Vita the company confirmed this afternoon via […]


Mo-Cap Artist Pegs Playstation Battle Royale For a Fall Release

Could Sucker Punch’s electrically charged everyman Cole Mcgrath be making an appearance in Playstation Battle Royale? Eric Ladin, the man behind Cole’s moves (read: his Mo-Cap artist) tweeted yesterday that he was in the studio performing as Cole, but not […]