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Arc System Works Announces New Crossover Fighting Game: Blazblue Cross Tag Battle

The developers responsible for the Guilty Gear and Blazblue series of fighting games has announced their latest project – a colorful crossover between Person 4 Ultimax, Blazblue, Under-Night: In-Birth….. and RWBY! So this tag-team fighting title is not only a […]


Persona 4 Now Available On PlayStation 2 Classics

One of our favorite games here @ BrokenJoysticks is Atlus’ 2008 masterpiece Persona 4, why else would we have given the game a perfect 10.0? If you haven’t played the enhanced Persona 4: Golden on PlayStation Vita and don’t own […]


Persona 4: Golden | Review

Golden. That’s perhaps the easiest and most accurate way to describe Atlus’ remake of one of the best RPGs on the PS2. Persona 4: Golden isn’t your average HD remake, though – not only does it have enough additional story-based […]


Persona 4 Now Has A Card Game

Atlus’s Persona 4 has had a manga, anime, fighting game, Vita port, and now, it can add a card game to the list. Persona 4: The Card Battle is an aptly named mobile game for the Android, iOS, and other […]


Persona 4: Arena Character Bio – Yukiko Amagi

We’re back from a lull during Canada Day to bring you a brand-new character bio for Persona 4: Arena. Just like our last bios we’ve got screenshots and a official bio from Atlus USA. Hopefully this won’t be the last […]


Persona 4 Arena Bio: Chie Satonaka

Today’s Persona 4: Arena character profile, courtesy of Atlus, focuses on the familiar face that you’ve probably seen in the games artwork and on the various news stories we posted about Persona 4: Arena and Persona 4: Golden in the […]


Persona 4 Arena Dated For August 7, Includes 2 Language Tracks

Atlus has finally revealed the North American release date for Persona 4: Arena, the 360/PS3 fighting game featuring characters from the Persona universe. the game will be available on August 7, 2012, making it an excellent treat for the end […]