Persona 4 Arena Bio: Chie Satonaka

Today’s Persona 4: Arena character profile, courtesy of Atlus, focuses on the familiar face that you’ve probably seen in the games artwork and on the various news stories we posted about Persona 4: Arena and Persona 4: Golden in the past few weeks.

Chie Satonaka’s green athletic jacket and skirt combination is certainly memorable, as with many of the Persona characters she has a very distinct style. Being a tomboy she’s not afraid to get involved in some rough and tumble behavior, and her signature temper sure doesn’t help that.

Atlus’ official Bio for Chie states:

” 3rd-year Yasogami High student who was on the Investigation Team. She loves steak, kung fu, and justice. Use her Persona, Tomoe, to get in close and KO the opponent with deadly kicks!”

Along with the Bio Atlus also released several screenshots showing Chie in action, as a playable character in Persona 4: Arena.

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