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Grab The Latest Guilty Gear Game For $8 With PlayStation’s ‘Attack of the Blockbuster’ Sale

‘Attack of the Blockbuster’ isn’t the return of the now defunct 90s / 00s video rental chain but the name of the latest large sale on the PlayStation Network. Featuring games from publishers like Electronic Arts, Arc System Works, 2K […]


Games For Gold Announced For August 2015

If you are a fan of action games than this month’s crop of free titles for Xbox Live’s Games With Gold might interest you. First up for Xbox One – just before the launch of Metal Gear Solid V: The […]


Metro: Last Light Gives Insight On How To Survive

Deep Silver, publishing giant known for the fantastic Dead Island game, has just release a new video to promote their newly acquired IP Metro. This video gives players an idea about survival in Metro: The Last Light and is the […]


Metro: Last Light Offers Salvation

I can’t stress enough how highly underrated Metro 2033 was – probably due to lack of top tier marketing and an overabundance of high profile shooters that made it pale in comparison to some. Well, it only scored a 77/100 […]


Metro Last Light’s Short Film Lets Us Watch The Bombs Drop

Metro Last Light, the follow up to post apocalyptic first person shooter Metro 2033, might have been delayed until 2013 but that doesn’t mean the game shouldn’t come out swinging during the pre-e3 madness. In the latest live action short, […]