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Metro: Last Light Gives Insight On How To Survive

Deep Silver, publishing giant known for the fantastic Dead Island game, has just release a new video to promote their newly acquired IP Metro. This video gives players an idea about survival in Metro: The Last Light and is the first video in three part series. The Metro IP was formerly owned by THQ, but due to it going bankrupt Deep Silver jumped in a bid for the franchise rights. The first game sort of flew under the radar due to poor advertising, but it was a fantastic game.

It looks like Deep Silver is fully behind it’s new IP and rightly so, hopefully this game will be as warmly received as the first one was (or even more so). I highly suggest seeking out Metro 2033 if you haven’t played it because it’s a great experience and it gets you caught up before the sequel releases.

[youtube id=”is_VHBl-tyA” width=”600″ height=”350″]

If you haven’t seen our previous coverage, be sure to take a look at the limited edition that you can pre-order. There is also the “Genesis” trailer as well as the trailer to offer you “Salvation.”

Metro: Last Light is set to release May 14th, 2013 on PC, Xbox 360, & Wii U.

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