Metro: Last Light Offers Salvation

I can’t stress enough how highly underrated Metro 2033 was – probably due to lack of top tier marketing and an overabundance of high profile shooters that made it pale in comparison to some. Well, it only scored a 77/100 on Metacritic, but it’s by far one of my top new IP’s of this generation of consoles (behind Borderlands lol). The sequel, titled Metro: Last Light, which was recently acquired by Deep Silver after THQ’s downfall is set to release May 14th, 2013.

Thankfully it looks like Deep Silver is fully behind this game as they are starting to hype the heck out of it, which the game fully deserves.

[youtube id=”tEMgf2PmeLw” width=”600″ height=”350″]

I know that there are other games coming out this year and with the next generation of consoles soon to come this game could potentially get overlooked by some. Don’t make that mistake, in fact go and find yourself a copy of Metro 2033 and try it out. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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