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Anime North turns Twenty

Posted on June 5, 2016 by Jason Nason

Twenty years ago a small, fan-run convention started up in Toronto. From those humble beginnings back in 1997 where a mere 800 guests took in the con, Anime North has grown into a massive convention.

Last year the annual celebration, which celebrates anime and beyond, hit an estimated 30,000 attendees. While the final numbers aren’t in for 2016, attendance has grown every year so those numbers are sure to surpass last year.

I’ve been going to the convention for several years. My very first year was way back in 2002 when the convention was at the Regal Constellation Hotel. It was my first time going to the convention and went with a few friends. We stayed in the hotel and I still remember staying up late going to the different rooms at the hotel where various anime films and series were being presented.

It was my first and only time spending the whole weekend at the convention.

Since then I’ve been a Saturday only visitor, making the trek early on Saturday morning and returning home with the setting sun in the evening. Anime North has become an annual trip, one which I look forward to 364 days a year.

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The Many Boothes, Game Stations & Custom Stuff From PAX East

Posted on April 25, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

The Penny Arcade Expo floor is absolutely massive and it’d almost be impossible for one person to see every game, exhibit and custom piece of kit being shown off. Over the course of the last three days I’ve checked out everything from hardware manufacturers, to Square Enix’s latest offerings to the Indie Mega Booth in search of some of the coolest stuff to be found on the show floor.

Fionna shot an excellent 7 minute floor walkthrough video that gives you a small taste of the PAX East experience.

[youtube id=”VqAjUZDMSVQ”]

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It was a Colourful Weekend at Anime North

Posted on May 27, 2014 by Jason Nason

It couldn’t have been nicer for a weekend full of fun and colourful costumes at Anime North. The convention took over the International Plaza Hotel and the Toronto Congress Centre over the weekend where thousands of people came in from far and wide. A simple open of your Nintendo 3DS made it apparent just how far some people had come.

My Mii Plaza filled up to capacity nearly instantly all weekend and I had visitors on my handheld from New York state, Saskatchewan, Quebec and New Brunswick to name a few. People from all walks of life were at the convention, and you would be hard pressed to find a friendlier bunch of people taking in the sights.

A convention of this size and scale isn’t something that can be taken in all at once. In fact there is just so much to do that it’s impossible to do it all. From planned theme photo shoots where cosplayers can gather together to meet their kin, Q&A panels on a wide range of topics taking place every hour of the day, music, video, dances and more. Plus the vendors room is always buzzing with people looking for something unique and delightful to add to their collection.

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Costumes Aplenty This Weekend at Anime North

Posted on May 22, 2014 by Jason Nason

We’ve become accustomed to seeing people dressed up in our everyday lives. From different work outfits, religious attire and even those who prefer to dress in their own unique personal style every day. But if you are in Toronto this weekend prepare for a bit more colour and style than usual.

This weekend brings the return of Anime North to Toronto, the annual convention celebrating anime, manga, Japanese culture and a wealth of other entertainment genres. You’ll find video gaming, movies and tabletop gaming all represented here and you’ll also find no shortage of colourful characters walking around.

Cosplay is the act of dressing up as your favourite entertainment character. There is no range or restriction to who you might see decked out in full garb, from medieval warriors, school girls, storm troopers, super heroes or even Pokémon. They’ll all be here, and then some.

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